Potty training is an important milestone for our children but it is also often a challenging time for most families.

Toddlers learn by role playing and repetition. It would certainly be helpful to spark an interest and prepare our kids for potty training through story-telling, as well as singing and dancing.

When you are doing your research on potty training, you might have come across a lot of resources targeted at parents.

To supplement that, we have put together a list of useful potty training videos for toddlers, and some of our favorite potty training books to read to your kids.

Potty Training Videos for Toddlers

1. Two Little Hands’ Potty Time

For toddlers who are already a fan of Two Little Hands’ Baby Signing Time, it would be natural to proceed with their Potty Time series. But fret not if you and your toddler are new to baby sign language.

The songs featured in Two Little Hands’ potty training videos are catchy and they teach many useful signs and vocabulary, not just bathroom related. Your child will still enjoy the songs and dance, while picking up new words and signs.

What I really love about the Two Little Hand’s Potty Time songs is the positive messages and values that they send out.

It is all about making the kids feel good about themselves, teaching them that their body is amazing, giving them the confidence and assurance that they can do it, daddy and mummy are here to help and all this is part of growing up.

Their songs feature a combination of animation and real people (Rachel and other kids) singing and signing, so that it can appeal and is relatable to the toddlers.

This Potty Training Video on youtube is a compilation of songs including:

  • The Potty Time Theme Song – Your child will learn to listen to their body and sign “Potty” right before she needs to go to the potty.
  • Potty Dance – “Potty, Potty, Wipe, Wipe, Flush, Flush, Wash, Wash”. This song makes the steps of going to the potty so catchy and easy to remember. It is really helpful as we all know just how much our toddlers love repetition.
  • Look At You Grow – This song is about helping toddlers feel good about themselves growing up. It shows them how much they have grown from being a baby and gives them more confidence and assurance in dealing with the changes in their growing bodies. “Look at you grow, take your time, you are doing fine, I’m here to help…”
  • My Body is Amazing – This is a song that tells about how amazing their body is, telling them when to when to wake up, sleep etc., so that your child will start becoming more aware of what their body is doing and listening to their body cues.
  • Stop What You’re Doing and Go – Toddlers are often so caught up in their play that they forgot or refuse to go to the potty. So it’s really great that Potty Time reminds them to listen to their body and when they need to go to the potty, stop what they are doing and go. If not, they will potty in their underwear, which is also called an “accident”.
  • Uh-oh Accident – This is a song that teaches the kids to deal with accidents in a positive manner. It tells the kids it’s ok when accidents happen as it is all part of growing up. Just let daddy and mummy know and help with the clean-up, try again the next time and be careful.
  • Let’s Celebrate – This is a song to celebrate success!

Songs from the Potty Time make potty learning exciting and fun. In fact, you can start these potty training videos before your child reaches the potty training age.

Do you know?  Babies can start learning to sign at 6-8 months old. Research has shown that teaching babies sign language can help them to communicate their needs and wants before they can speak. As a result, they have higher self-esteem and has frustrations and tantrums during toddlerhood.

As your child learns to sign and sing along to the potty time songs, they also get to learn to be more aware of their own body and may also spark their interest in potty training. Due to the early exposure to potty songs, the idea of a kids potty may not be so foreign or scary to them.

When the time comes and they are ready to use the potty, they might even sign “potty” to you without having you to teach them!

If you and your toddler have enjoyed this potty training video, you might want to check out the Potty Time DVD on Amazon so that you have more flexibility to play the tracks.

2. Potty Training Song

“DO The Potty Dance, DO DO The Potty Dance song…”

This is a very lively and cheery song, which helps kids remember the steps they need to take to go to the potty.

Caution: This is such a catchy tune that even I find it difficult it get it out of my head.

3. Little Baby Bum’s Potty Song

Unlike the previous potty song, Little Baby Bum’s potty song has a more soothing tune (but still catchy).

The main character in this potty training video for toddlers is a cute little panda. Even though there can still be accidents, he continues to try every day to pee and poop in the potty, because he is growing up and don’t need his nappies anymore.

This is a great song to encourage our toddlers to keep trying, as they may feel annoyed or discouraged when have accidents or they feel that they can’t pee or poop in the potty.

4. Story Time – Princess Polly’s Potty and Pirate Pete’s Potty

Princess Polly’s Potty and Pirate Pete’s Potty are adapted from the Ladybird books into a potty training video for toddlers.

These 2 potty training stories feature a girl (Princess Polly) and a boy (Pirate Pete), who along with their baby siblings are the only ones in their families, who are still wearing nappies. And so they began their potty training adventure as they want to be “grown-up”.

They start off by heading to the store to shop for a suitable potty and grown-up pants. It is an interactive story-telling, as your child will be able to help Polly and Pete with their choices.

The story is also aimed at addressing some of the common anxieties, fear and confusion that toddlers might have about using their kids potty. The pictures are fun but they do bring out real and relatable issues that our toddlers could be facing.

In the beginning, Polly and Pete are not sure how to use the potty and they also had to practice pulling up and down their new grown-up pants.

Sometimes, they accidentally make a mess on the floor if they cannot get to the potty in time. However, mummy says it is ok. They also find it harder to poop in the potty (compared to pee) but they continue to try and finally did it one day!

5. Baby Bus

A series of stories and songs are compiled in this video that teaches the children to stop what they are doing (especially playing) to go to the toilet when they need, as well as good toilet habits (such as not bringing food into the toilet). The stories are set in a kindergarten, which is perfect if you are potty training your day care or kindergarten-going child.

Potty Training Books for Toddlers

1. Potty – by Leslie Patricelli

This is a really cute and simple board book for a young reader with few words. It features a baby who questions if he should go potty in his diapers or somewhere else. He then follows and watches the cat pee in its cat box and the dog at the tree outside. Finally, he decides and CHOOSES to go to the toddler potty chair.

2. Everybody Potties (I Can Do It) – by Cheri Vogel (Author) and Belinda Strong (Illustrator)

Cute pictures and easy to understand. It is suitable for kids who do not have the patience to go through long dialogues and storyline. Children will enjoy the rhyme and have fun shouting “Hooray!” and “Everybody Potties!”

3. Big Girl Panties or Big Boy Underpants – Fran Manushkin (Author) and Valeria Petrone (Illustrator)

This focus of this series of book is not about using the potty, but rather the privilege and excitement of saying goodbye to diapers and moving on to getting their own big girl panties or big boy underpants. It will pair very well with other potty training books about going to the potty and keeping the undies dry. Toddlers who want to be grown-up, just like daddy or mommy, will be motivated and excited by this fun and light-hearted story.

4. P is for Potty! (Sesame Street)

The pictures and flaps are interactive and fun. However, the storyline may be too long and too wordy for the younger ones.

Potty Training Video for Parents

On a light-hearted mood, here is a daddy’s humorous (yet so true) take on potty training.

What’s Next?

Hope you have found the list of toddler potty training videos and books that we’ve put together to be useful for your toddlers.

Remember to watch the videos first before letting your child watch. As every child is different, it is important to ensure that the videos are suitable for your kid and are aligned to your own potty training methods.

Good luck!