If you’re a new parent looking for a travel system, you would probably have heard about the Britax B-Lively Travel System.

Britax B Lively stroller is the latest model replacing the extremely popular Britax B-Agile travel system, which was discontinued in 2019. The Britax B-Lively Travel System is compatible with the bestselling B-Safe 35 and B-Safe Ultra infant car seat.

What we really love about the Britax B-Lively and its predecessor, Britax B-Agile, is that you are getting an above average quality stroller at a budget friendly price.

One of the most important function of a travel system is to allow you to be ON-THE-GO and carry your infant seamlessly in and out of the car.

B-Lively does just that!

b lively travel system lightweight

It is lightweight, and features an easy click & go system for the infant car seat along with a slick one-hand quick fold mechanism for the stroller. This allows you to carry the infant car seat in 1 arm, leaving your other hand to easily fold and hold the stroller.

The B-Lively is also a compact stroller packed with great features for daily city living and travel use, such as a large canopy and convenient storages.

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Britax B Lively vs B Agile

Britax B-Agile has been in the market since 2010 and has been through few rounds of upgrades. It was an extremely popular model that was discontinued in 2019.

And now, Britax B Lively is once again a bestselling stroller!

If you have heard friends raving about B Agile, I’m sure you will like what this model has to offer too.

Upgraded features that we like include:

• Larger storage basket with easy front access
• 1 zippered pocket and 2 open pockets on the back vs 1 large pocket on B-Agile
• More comfortable footrest with a foot well
• Breathable ventilated UV 50+ canopy to keep baby cool
• Larger peek-a-boo window
• Travel system is now compatible with both B-Safe Ultra and B-Safe 35 infant car seats

Some parents have found B-Lively to be heavier… well, to be exact, it is 1 Ibs heavier than Agile.

IMPORTANT: Car seat adaptors from Britax B-Agile will NOT fit B-Lively.

B-Lively share a similar frame and sporty look as the B-Agile. However, some of the fabrics, materials and details do seem to be lacking compared to B-Agile.

What I Like About the Britax B-Lively Stroller

Here’s quick video that summarizes some of the key features of the Britax B Lively Stroller:

One-Hand, Compact, Standing Fold

I absolutely LOVE the one-hand standing fold mechanism!

I can still remember the earlier days when folding a stroller was crazily stressful. Embarrassing moments trying to fiddle with the stroller while the rest of the world watches on (and a crying baby to make situation even more stressful) is why I think the one-hand fold is such a lifesaver for any moms.

With its one-handed pull-fold mechanism, the Britax B Lively stroller is incredibly easy and quick to collapse. You can even do it while holding on to the car seat in 1 hand!

There’s a little black button at the side of the stroller frame. You just need to click the button in, and pull the “Pull to fold” handle strap in the seat. And viola, you can be off walking.

NOT JUST THAT. The folded stroller stands on its own!

With the awesome automatic lock, it is so convenient that you can fold up the stroller and put it in the trunk in record time. Don’t be surprised if you’re approached for being a stroller-folding guru!

The folded stroller measures 29”L x 23”W x 12”H, which is really compact and flat; it easily fits into the smallest of trunk. It seems as if Britax has designed this with the city folks in mind, where space is a luxury.

If you need to make the stroller smaller for whatever reason, the front and rear wheels can be easily detached with its quick-release mechanism.

Easy to Unfold

Though the unfolding may not be as easy as the folding mechanism, you can still do it single-handedly with some practice.


B-Lively is considerably lightweight at 20 pounds as the frame of the stroller is made of lightweight aluminium.

Lugging it in and out of the trunk would not be a problem for most moms. It is easy to push even with one hand.

Lockable Front Swivel Wheel

The 3-wheel configuration features a lockable swivel front wheel for added stability to tackle more uneven terrains.

The double front wheels and plastic foam tires are probably not the best in terms of manoeuvrability. Speaking of which, do keep in mind that this stroller is marketed as a compact stroller, not an all-terrain stroller.

The stroller handles bumpy roads and cobblestone pretty satisfactorily. The all-wheel suspension system certainly does help to provide a smoother ride over the bumps.

It does resist thick carpets and you’ll probably need both hands and added effort going through them. On thick grassy patch however, it can get challenging. So whenever you see grass ahead, do lock the swivel wheel.

Click & Go System

It can be heartbreaking to awaken your sleeping child whenever he/she needs to be moved in or out of the car, especially if it ended up in tears.

The Britax Click & Go system is truly designed with a sleeping baby in mind. Moving the infant car seat from the car to the stroller and vice versa is truly a breeze.

The britax stroller adapters consist of 2 receivers that are snapped in place on each side of the stroller. To attach the car seat to the stroller, simply engage the parking brake, recline the stroller seat to give more space to the infant car seat and click the car seat in place.

To remove the car seat from the Britax stroller, simply press the release lever on the back of the car seat and you’re off to go!

What I like about the Click & Go System is that it is really convenient and easy to use. The britax stroller adapters do not get in the way of the fold at all, so you don’t have to remove it before folding the stroller. When using B-Lively as a travel system, you can just keep the receivers snapped in on the stroller at all times.

The britax stroller car seat adapter is included with the B-Lively stroller so you don’t have to pay extra!

Do note that this complimentary britax stroller adaptor is only good for Britax infant car seats. For other car seats, you’ll need a different adaptor.

Huge Canopy with Large Peek-a-boo Mesh Panel

This oversized canopy on the B-Lively is nothing short of fabulous.

The canopy is HUGE and features UV 50+ protection to shield your child from the harmful rays of the Sun.

You won’t even need canopy extensions.

The peek-a-boo window does not have a conventional cover with the typical Velcro or magnetic closures. Instead, it comes in the form of a large mesh panel that’s exposed when you fold back the layer of fabric covering it.

The added ventilation is great for keeping the baby cool in the stroller on a hot day. This could, however, be a boon on a cold winter day as you can’t keep an eye on the little guy/gal without letting in the flow of cold air.

B-Safe 35 and B-Safe Ultra also feature extra-large canopies. The canopies are attached to the back of the seat, meaning that when it’s fully extended, the back of the canopy stays right in, without popping up and expose the back of the child.

When you fully extend the canopies on both the stroller and car seat in the travel system configuration, the canopy on the B-Lively overlaps a little over the B-Safe. This creates a complete coverage for the little rider.

On a hot day, you can fold up the fabric to unveil mesh panels on the canopies and side walls of the stroller. This helps to improve the airflow and keeps the baby cool and comfortable in the stroller.

b lively travel system extra large canopies

Roomy Seat with Infinite Seat Recline

The B-Lively has an interior seat width of 11” and a seat back height of 18”, making it a roomy and comfortable stroller. The stroller is suitable for use from newborn to a maximum weight limit of 55 lbs.

The Britax B Lively stroller is advertised as ‘infinite seat recline’ as it makes use of a toggle and strap recline system that allows you to have an infinite number of possible angles.

To recline the seat, squeeze the grey release button and pull. It is a simple 1 hand operation. Even though the seat is not in a totally flat position when fully reclined, the seat can be reclined deep enough for the little one is able to nap comfortably.

You will however need both hands to pull the 2 straps apart to bring the seat back up to a more upright position. The B Lively stroller seat can be adjusted to a more upright position compared to the B-Agile. This could more comfortable for older kids who prefers to be seated more upright and see the world.

When the seat is reclined, you can also roll up the covers to reveal mesh panels at the top and both sides for improved air ventilation on a hot day. The top mesh panel is sewed to the sides, which is generally not a problem unless you have a very tall child.

Larger Storage Basket with Easy Front Access

The B Lively storage basket is larger than that of the B-Agile. You can now press down on the fabric to better access the basket from the back as the metal pole is no longer there.

Sometimes it can be difficult to grab the diaper bag out from the back when your child is in the reclined position. So it is really cool that there’s now the option to access the basket from the front!

The sides are elastic so you can also conveniently access the basket from the sides.

The storage basket can fit a large diaper bag and has a weight limit of 10 Ibs.

Ample Pocket Storages

There are now 1 zippered pocket and 2 open pockets on the back, compared to just 1 large pocket on the Agile.

The zippered pouch is really useful as you can store your cell phones, keys, and anything you usually carry loosely in your pockets and jackets. You can fold the stroller without worrying about them dropping out.

The open pouches also allow you to hold items such as a water bottle, even if you don’t have a stroller organizer.

Adjustable 5 Point Safety Harness

To secure the child, Britax uses a 5-point harness, which is becoming an industry standard anyway. I like that the shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort.

As your child grows taller, his shoulder height in the stroller changes. To meet the needs of a growing child, the stroller has three shoulder height positions for the harness and an adjustable crotch strap.

However, the adjustment of the harness shoulder height require re-threading, which I am not a fan of.

The buckle is on the stiff side compared to other strollers, which to me is a good thing. The hard-to-undo buckle ensures the toddler stays seated (whether quietly or not…) as you navigate the stroller.

Linked Foot Brake

The foot brake is flip-flop friendly and easy to use. Press the brake pedal down to lock both wheels. To release the brake, simply lift the pedal.

Easy to Assemble

For the B-Lively stroller, you don’t need any tools. 10 to 15 minutes is probably all you need as you only need to snap in the wheels and canopy. No screwing is required at all.

Check out this quick instructional video by Britax, if you are not a fan of going through the manual.

Britax Travel System Compatible

Britax is well known for the safety of their products and rated very highly by various credible places. The B-Lively is travel system compatible with the B-Safe 35 and B-Safe Ultra, which are also highly rated for its ease of use.

You can trust your baby to be safe in either of the 2 Britax infant car seat models. To help you decide between the 2, check out our comparison here.

b lively travel system review

Can I use the Britax Stroller Board?

The Britax Stroller board is a really cool accessory. It attaches easily to most Britax and BOB single strollers, allowing you to convert your stroller into a sit-and-stand stroller to accommodate your toddler.

Unfortunately, the britax stroller board is NOT compatible with the Britax B Lively stroller. I do hope that in the future upgrades, we’ll get to use the stroller board accessory with the B Lively stroller.

What Are The Other Accessories That I Can Get for the B Lively Stroller?

The good news is that, aside from the stroller board, there are many accessories that you can consider getting.

The storage pockets at the back of the B Lively stroller are great but not for hot drinks. If you can’t do without your cup of hot coffee while you are running your errand, you might want to consider the Stroller Organizer. The stroller organizer comes with 2 insulated cup holders to keep the baby’s milk or the parent’s drink at the right temperature, be it hot or cold.

A rain cover is an essential accessory to protect your baby from the harsh elements of wind and rain.

When your child is older, a child tray would be a great addition as it provides a designated cup holder and a surface for snacks.

B-Safe 35 vs B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat

The B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat is a newer model with upgraded features, while retaining the features that we love about the B-Safe 35.

Similarities that we like

  • Super Easy to Install LATCH system

Both the B-Safe 35 and B-Safe Ultra score a 5-star in the NHTSA’s car seat ease-of-use ratings in terms of its installation features. The car seat base features dual level indicators to help parents confirm that the car seat is installed and angled properly in the car. This essentially eliminate any guesswork and gives new parents a peace of mind knowing that they have secured the car seat base correctly.

  • Patented Britax SafeCell Impact Protection system

This an integrated impact protection system that surpasses the minimum federal safety standards.

  • Maximum child weight limit of 35 Ibs
  • Maximum child height limit of 32 inches, which is among the highest in the market. This means that the Britax infant car seat is likely to outlast other brands as babies tend to outgrow the height limit before the weight.
  • Maximum shoulder height of 11 inches
  • Ergonomic Handle Bar
  • Both seats are FAA approved and certified for use on the airplane.
  • 3 Recline Positions
  • Removable comfortable pads

Upgraded Features in the B-Safe Ultra

  1. Two layers of side impact protection (vs 1 layer). They are located in the outer shell and headrest
  2. Ultra Cool Mesh Fabric
  3. No-Rethread Harness
  4. More height adjustments for the harness
  5. Option to install the car seat using the European Belt Path
  6. Flip forward belly pad


Britax infant car seats are not the most lightweight, compared to other competitors such as the Chicco Keyfit 30. The B-Safe car seat weighs 10 Ibs and the B-Safe Ultra comes in heavier at 11.5 Ibs (along with the added features).

Britax B-Lively Travel System Colors

B-Lively/B-Safe Ultra Travel System

The B Lively stroller and B-Safe Ultra car seat combo comes in 3 colors – Cowmooflage (this is a really cute design), Cool Flow Teal (sporty and cool look) and Gris.

Click & Go adaptors and car seat base are also included in the package.

b lively b safe ultra travel system review

B-Lively/B-Safe 35 Travel System

The B Lively stroller and B-Safe 35 car seat combo comes in 3 colors – Cardinal, Ashton and Dove. Click & Go adaptors and car seat base are also included in the package.

I have to admit that when I think of Britax, it’s the classic red and black strollers that come straight to my mind.

b lively b safe 35 travel system review


What’s Next?

I hope that this review has been helpful to you in your search of the right travel system. B Lively has been a great update to the Britax B-Agile travel system. Its lightweight, quick one-hand fold design and click & go system makes it a great option for moms on-the-go.

As always, I highly recommend online purchases to save yourself from the hassle. I also strongly encourage parents to always register your baby gear (not just Britax strollers) so that you’ll be promptly notified if your product has been included in a safety advisory, without having to find out later through research or the media.

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