UPDATE 2020: Britax B Lively stroller has now replaced the extremely popular Britax B-Agile travel system, which was discontinued in 2019. Britax B-Lively Travel System is compatible with the bestselling B-Safe 35 and B-Safe Ultra infant car seat. Check out our latest review on the B Lively here.

If you’re a new parent, or expecting a baby real soon, and you’re looking for a travel system, then you’ll be very glad to be introduced to the Britax travel system.

Before you get lost in the naming convention, let us break the names up and examine the product one by one so we’re on the same page when their names are mentioned throughout this article.

Basically, Britax has only 1 type of travel system, which combines its best selling car seat (B-Safe 35) and their stroller (B-Agile). However, there are variations to the infant car seat and stroller and therefore, a number of ways you can configure the travel system.

The B-Agile 3 is a lightweight and compact stroller with a 3-wheel configuration, (2 larger rear wheels and a double front wheels) which is extremely easy to maneuver and packed with great features you’ll learn to appreciate.

There’s also the option for those who need the extra wheel in Britax B-Agile 4. The extra wheels help to navigate tricky terrains better and could be a good option for sub-urban parents.

As for B-Safe 35, it is a rear-facing infant car seat that holds a baby from 4 to 35 lbs., and up to 32” in height. It is a very high quality and most importantly, safe car seat and I’m sure the Britax is among the top contenders from your car seat research.

Then, there is the Britax B-Safe 35 Elite, which has added several nice-to-have features for a higher price. Those features will be touched on later, but for now, just understand that the ‘Elite’ is an upgrade on the B-Safe 35.

Having said that, I’ll be reviewing my experience with the Britax 2017 B-Agile 3 / B-Safe 35 travel system, which is an upgraded and face-lifted version of the very popular Britax 2014 B-Agile 3 and B-Safe travel system.

And no, I do not want to refer to the product by its full name each time they’re mentioned, so it shall be called Britax B-Agile travel system throughout this post:)

Britax Travel System Review Summary by WhoLovesBabies

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What Are The Differences Between the 2014 and 2017 Model?

I get a lot of questions about this, as most of the reviews you’ve come across are about the 2014 model and haven’t been updated since.

The main and most notable difference is in the car seat. The Britax 2014 B-Agile and B-Safe travel system uses the B-Safe car seat, while the 2017 model uses the B-Safe 35.

Ok…so what?

The B-Safe (weight capacity up to 30 lbs.) is a retired product, period. Don’t let anyone sell you a discontinued car seat.

The B-Safe 35 (weight capacity up to 35 lbs.) is the latest and improved version in terms of safety features and design. This is the one you need to get your hands on.

As for the B-Agile stroller, the changes are minimal, save for the wheels redesign and it’s now ASTM compliant.

The stroller seat is more upright. Yes, Britax has listened to the feedbacks from many parents to make the seat more upright for the comfort of older babies/toddlers!

The footrest is also redesigned, which to be honest, isn’t exactly what I fancy…

Britax removed the step where the toddler could place their feet, so it’s now flat all the way. The rationale behind this change is to eliminate the tipping risk as many kids tried to climb onto the stroller by stepping on the footrest and would sometimes fall clumsily.

While I do understand the idea behind it, I’d prefer a more defined footrest as some children may not feel as comfortable with their feet dangling around. The redesigned footrest does make the Britax stroller look sleeker though.

What’s nice is that you now have a larger basket for your weekly grocery shopping at Target or Walmart. The basket is wide open at the back to give you quick and easy access, but at the same time, it features mesh panels that go all the way up at the sides (it helps keep your stuff in there if you are trying to overfill it, which we all do…).

Which Britax Agile Stroller Should I Choose?

It depends on the area that you live in. For urban parents who use it in the malls and sidewalks, the B-Agile 3 works perfectly. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well it handles the occasional bumps and cracks without waking up the little rider, thanks to its all-wheel suspension system.

All the wheels are also foam-filled so you don’t have to worry about flat tires.

For the suburban parents without properly paved walkways, or those who have to tread through thick grass and snows, the B-Agile 4 will be more suitable as an extra wheel will add to the stability and maneuverability. Just be aware that this model is 2 lbs. heavier than its 3-wheel brother and has a slight increased dimensions.

Do I Need The B-Safe 35 Elite?

B-Safe 35 Elite is essentially the upgraded cousin of B-Safe 35. For about $30-$40 more, you get 3 main extra features; no rethread harness, better fabric, and extra padding for protection.

Personally, I didn’t think it was necessary for me, because the basic model is a safe enough infant car seat. The no rethread harness feature is a nice feature to have, and I’d say if you have the extra budget, go with the Elite model.

If not, you’ll still be completely satisfied with the base model:)

Important Specifications of Britax B-Agile 3 / B-Safe 35

Total Shipping Weight (Amazon): 51.5 lbs.

B-Safe 35

  • For infants 4 – 35 lbs
  • Less than 32 inches in standing height
  • Seated shoulder height: 6.5” – 11”
  • Shoulder width: 10”
  • Car seat weight: 10 lbs
  • Base weight: 9 lbs
  • Product dimensions: 25”(H) x 17.75”(W) x 26.5”(D)
  • Harness slot height: 5”/7”/9”/11”

B-Agile 3

  • up to 55 lbs
  • Stroller weight: 18 lbs
  • Seat width: 13.5”
  • Maximum unfolded dimensions: 38.5”(L) x 23”(W) x 40.5”(H)
  • Folded dimensions (with wheels): 29”(L) x 23”(W) x 11”(H)

What I Love About the Britax B-Agile B-Safe Travel System

  1. Infant car seat is top quality and safe for my baby

Britax is well known for the safety of their products and rated very highly by various credible places.

The B-Safe 35 features the SafeCell Impact Protection, which is an integrated safety system that provides the maximum protection in case of collision.

Britax SafeCell Impact Protection

It has a steel frame and a compressible base and all the other works, with design that absorbs side impaction, which is enough for me to trust my baby in there.

The car seat feels solid the moment you lift it up, and it’s a safe little haven for the little one, all packed in 10 lbs. Considering that the Chicco Keyfit 30 weighs 9 lbs, I think this is quite the industry standard for a safe infant car seat and the weight doesn’t bother me at all. (But if you really really want or need a lightweight infant car seat, consider Graco Snugride Click Connect 35, which weighs 7.5 lbs. without base.)

Similar to the Chicco competing model, it has level indicators on the base to check if the car seat is installed and angled properly in the car. (refer to the manual to check how to use the indicators correctly)

  1. One-hand fold

I absolutely LOVE the one-hand fold design! I can still remember back in my days when folding a stroller was crazily stressful.

One time, a car was waiting for our lot in the mall and I was tasked to fold up my younger sister’s stroller. I must have spent more than 3 minutes trying to figure it out, and the car ended up spotting another lot and went off. Embarrassing moments like this is why I think the one-hand fold is such a lifesaver for me…

Just look at how easy it is to fold it:

With its one-handed pull-fold mechanism, the stroller is incredibly easy to collapse. The automatic chassis lock keeps the stroller compact. The automatic lock is so awesome and convenient that you can fold up the stroller and put it in the trunk in record time. Don’t be surprised if you’re approached for being a stroller-folding guru!

The collapsed stroller measures 29”L x 23”W x 11”H, which is really compact and flat; it easily fits into the smallest of trunk. It seems as if Britax has designed this with the city folks in mind, where space is a luxury.

If you need to make the stroller smaller for whatever reason, the front and rear wheels can be easily detached with its quick-release mechanism.

  1. Lightweight and easy to maneuver

B-Agile In The TrunkThe B-Agile 3 is considerably lightweight at 18 pounds, and lugging it in and out of the trunk is a breeze.

The frame of the stroller is made of lightweight aluminum and it feels really maneuverable even with one hand. This is made possible because it has only one handle bar. This frees up my other hand for my umbrella when it rains, for grocery bags, for talking on my cell, and sometimes my husband’s hand:p

The 3-wheel configuration has lockable swivel front double wheels for added stability to tackle more challenging terrains.

Speaking of which, this stroller is not an all-terrain stroller, but it certainly handles well thanks to its all-wheel suspension system. I’ve used it on bumpy roads and cobblestone and I’m very satisfied with the handling. It does resist thick carpets and I’ll need both hands and added effort going through them.

On grassy patch however, it gets challenging with an unlocked swivel and I always lock them whenever I see grass…

  1. Click & Go System

Would you be so cruel as to wake up your sleeping child whenever he/she needs to be moved in or out of the car?

Britax has designed this travel system with a sleeping baby in mind, and moving the car seat to and from the stroller is truly a walk in the park.

To attach the car seat to the stroller, all you need to do is to engage the parking brake, snap in the 2 receivers on each side of the stroller, recline the seat to give space to the B-Safe, and click it into place.

To remove, simply pull the release lever on the back of the car seat and you’re off to go!

What I like about the Click & Go System is that it is really convenient and easy to use, and the adapters do not get in the way of the fold at all. Please note that the receivers are only good for Britax infant car seats. (For other car seats, there’s a section dedicated to this further down the page.)

  1. Huge and generous canopy

The canopy on the B-Agile since it was launched has been nothing short of fabulous. Even if you’re a Britax hater, you’ll be hard-pressed to find fault with the canopy.

First of all, they are HUGE and the child will be completely shielded from the Sun. You can strike off canopy extensions off your shopping list, because you do not need them. I’ll get a rain cover, though.

B-Agile 3 Huge Canopy

The large peek-a-boo mesh panel lets you keep an eye on the little guy/gal while you’re doing your errands, while providing added ventilation.

The canopy on the B-Safe 35 is also top of the class among other infant car seats. They are built extra large to provide a total shield for your infant from the weather. The canopy is also buckled in at the back of the seat, meaning that when it’s fully extended, the back of the canopy stays right in, without popping up and expose the back of the child.

When you fully extend the canopies on both the stroller and car seat when they’re in the travel system configuration, the canopy on the B-Agile overlaps a little over the B-Safe, creating a complete coverage on the little rider.

  1. Large and roomy seat, with Infinite Seat Recline

The B-Agile 3 has an interior seat width of 13.5” and a seat back height of 20” (or 25” to top of the canopy), , making it a roomy and comfortable stroller. With a maximum weight capacity of 55 lbs., this is a stroller that can be still used when your child gets older.

It has a strap recline system; it involves a one-hand pull to recline, and 2 hands to bring the seat back up. The reline positions depend on your pull on the strap, so pull away to find a position that the little rider likes the most!

While it’s advertised as ‘infinite seat recline’, the actual recline range is actually 63.1 to 24.1 from flat. Technically, it is not the ‘flattest’ during recline as compared to competitions, but it’s cozy enough for my little one to nap comfortably. At 63.1, it has the most upright seat, which is a great feature for older children to see the world in a more natural and comfortable position.

When the seat is reclined, you can roll up the cover at the top to reveal a mesh panel that helps improve air circulation on a hot day. The mesh panel, however, is sewed to the sides which is generally not a problem unless you have a very tall child.

To secure the child, Britax uses a 5-point harness, which is becoming an industry standard anyway. What’s awesome is that the harness is no rethread with crotch strap adjustment, while being reflective as well!

In case you’re wondering, the no rethread harness feature is a feature that’s super convenient for a rapidly growing child. As the child grows taller, his shoulder height in the stroller changes. You don’t have to tighten or loosen the webbing by re-threading them into new harness slots with this feature. You simply slide the harness up and down from the back of the seat.

I like that the shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort and the adjustable head pad, which adds extra comfort to the already comfortable ride.

The buckle is on the stiff side compared to other strollers, which to me is a good thing. The hard-to-undo buckle ensures the toddler stays seated (whether quietly or not…) as you navigate the stroller.

NOTE: The no rethread feature mentioned above is for the B-Agile. For the B-Safe 35, you’ll need to rethread as your infant grows. No rethread is only available for the B-Safe 35 Elite.

  1. Storage with side access

The storage is pretty decent for a compact stroller such as this. It has a medium size basket, with elastic sides so you can grab the diaper bag from 3 different sides conveniently.

When the seat is reclined, you have access to a large zippered pocket at the back of the canopy to store your cell phones, keys, and anything you usually carry loosely in your pockets and jackets.

  1. Easy instructions

Every time I buy a new piece of gadget, I’d skim through the instructions manual and most of the time, I’d throw it to my husband to figure it out…

Not for this purchase though. It’s very easy to understand and accompanied by illustrations for every step of installation. I just followed along with the booklet and I got the car seat setup perfectly in a single attempt!

No wonder the B-Safe 35 scores a 5-star in the NHTSA’s car seat ease-of-use ratings. I’m surprised that the Chicco Keyfit 30 scored only a 4-star rating, considering that I set it up pretty easily as well.

I’ve tested the installation with the LATCH system, and also without the base using the lap-shoulder seat belt, and I wasn’t confused by the manual at all. Armed with this knowledge, I’m proud to say that I no longer hesitate to take a cab in town for fear of holding up the traffic or embarrassment:)

Setting up the B-Agile is very easy too with its clear instructions. In fact, it has been rated as one of the easiest strollers to setup. Although it’s harder to screw up with a stroller as compared to a car seat, it still has to be idiot-proof for a non-technical mom like me.

It took me less than 10 minutes to setup the stroller by following the manual step-by-step, so I’m very happy with the ease of setup.

  1. Britax customer service

So far, I haven’t had any difficulty with the customer service at all. Not that I’ve had to contact them much, but every time I have a question, I either call up their hotline or post a question on the Amazon listing and I’ll get my answer.

One thing I must mention is that Britax has representatives answering questions on Amazon, which is something that is very rare for a well-known brand.

Just for research, I popped over to their Twitter and Facebook page to check out their response to any messages and customer issues and I wasn’t disappointed.

Now, if they had a live chat function on their corporate website, that will be the last piece of the puzzle for them…:)

Where Is The Travel System Made?

By now, I think we’ve all realized that almost all our consumer items are made in China… To me, that’s totally acceptable but I’d want safety items, things my family ingest and apply on our skins to be locally made.

On the Amazon listing, I was left confused because one of the bullet points says ‘Made in the USA and Imported’ and further down, the origin of the product is listed as China.

I looked at the back of my iPhone 6 and stared at the ‘Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China’ embossment and wondered if this was the case with Britax…

Out of curiosity (or motherly instinct), I dialed the Britax customer service hotline to clarify. The agent confirmed that the B-Safe 35 car seats are made and tested in the USA. The B-Agile 3, however is made in China. The travel system is then assembled in the USA.

The most vital component of the travel system is made in the USA, which should give most parents a peace of mind:)

How To Clean My New Stroller and Car Seat?

Let’s start with the B-Safe 35. The snack crumbs, and whatever you feed your toddler with can be vacuumed off easily. The seat cover is removable, so the milk/juice stains can be cleaned off using cold water and mild soap. After that, just air-dry the cover.

Here’s a short video by Britax on how to remove the seat cover:

Britax doesn’t recommend machine wash, machine dry, and ironing. So avoid these for a longer lasting and newer looking fabric.

As for the stroller, the fabric is spill-resistant and really easy to clean. Simply wipe the fabric with a damp cloth with mild soap. For harder to reach area or area that requires a little extra cleaning, a toothbrush will be helpful. Wipe it dry with a dry towel and let the fabric air-dry.

Do the same for the frame. Detach the wheels and clean them too.

The only thing to take note of is to avoid using detergents and household cleaners that can possibly corrode the frame and discolor the fabric. Simpy stick to mild soap and water and you’ll be fine.

Is The B-Agile 3 Compatible With Other Infant Car Seats?

If you already have an existing infant car seat from an older child or from your baby shower, this is one of the major things to consider.

The 2016 B-Agile 3 is compatible with all Britax infant car seats and bassinets via the Click & Go System. The stroller is equipped with a Click & Go receiver, and all Britax branded infant car seats and bassinets come with built-in Click & Go connectors.

Britax Adapter for Infant CarseatsNon-Britax car seats will need an adapter frame, which can be purchased from this link.

However, the adapter is only designed to work with Chicco Keyfit, Chicco Keyfit 30, Graco Snugride 32, Graco Snugride 35, and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio attachment systems.

Please note that the adapter DOES NOT work with Graco Snugride Click Connect models.

The majority of us will end up with either the B-Safe 35 or Chicco Keyfit 30 anyway, so the adapter will solve the compatibility issue…

Is The Car Seat Good For A Plane Ride?

I haven’t tried that, but it’s definitely FAA approved.

Can The Stroller Be Used With A Convertible Car Seat?

No. The Britax B-Agile 3 is only compatible with infant car seats.

OK, My Baby Princess Loves Pink. Show Me Pink And I’m Sold.

Britax Travel System Color Options Updated

Unfortunately, Britax doesn’t do pink…how about red instead?

For the travel system, you’d have to choose from 3 color variations; black, red, and steel.

If you were to purchase the car seat separately, then you’ll have 8 color options, but pink is not one of them.

I’d recommend sticking with the black or red.

Fancy colors have the tendency to look different from the listing images on arrival, because some images have their contrast and colors adjusted to look sharp and appealing. Do check out the actual design in a physical store to be sure.

What I’d Like Britax To Improve On In The Next Model(s):

Although this travel system is great by itself, nitpicking moms like us are never completely satisfied, are we?

While I’d gladly recommend a Britax to any parent who cares about my opinion, there are some features that don’t deserve the 5 stars. The reviews I’ve read confirm that I’m not the freak exception, as many buyers comment on them too.

  1. Tight space between canopy and handle bar on the car seat

Although the B-Safe 35 has a nice and large canopy, it impairs the ability to carry the seat in the crook of the arm, once fully deployed. This is what I mean:

B-Safe 35 Tight Space Between Canopy And Handle Bar

It’s not a problem for those who hardly carry the car seat around other than in and out of the car, but it’d be perfect if the handle were 2” higher.

  1. Non-adjustable handle bar on the stroller

I’d also like an adjustable handle bar on the B-Agile stroller. I’m 5 ft. 8 and the handle bar is perfect for me, but not so comfortable for my 11-year-old niece who wants to help me with the baby sometimes.

It’ll be nice to have a handle bar which can be adjusted, right?

  1. Folded stroller doesn’t stand on its own

Another thing that would have made the quick and easy folding system perfect, is the ability to have the folded stroller stand on its own.

Some of us who take the subway would definitely appreciate this. I like to fold up the stroller and use a baby carrier instead so if the folded stroller can stand on its own without having to lean on something, that will be icing on the cake.

  1. A magnetic closure instead of velcro for the peek-a-boo panel so it will be really quiet if my baby is sleeping.
  1. B-Safe 35 has narrow seat?

The last one on the list is the most debated one… and I deliberately save the best for last…

95% of the negative reviews on the product is directed at the B-Safe 35 with a common theme: the seat is too narrow.

B-Safe 35 Narrow Seat

There are also some complaints about the seat is too deep, and the baby gets hot and irritable in there. I personally don’t see a problem in this, as it probably fits in with the design to enclose the baby in a deep “shell” to minimize impacts from the sides. I’ll just dress up my LO loosely and adjust the temperature accordingly.

However, the narrow seat issue, is worth a discussion, as you’re mostly likely to read about it or hear it from some other places.

Let’s look at the measurements first. The B-Safe 35 has a shoulder width of 10” and a seat area width of 8.75”.

An average newborn will have a weight of 7-8 lbs and shoulder to shoulder width of 6.5”. Fast forward to a 9-12 months old toddler and at 22 lbs and shoulder to shoulder width of 8”, it can be safely assumed that your infant car seat can be used for up to a year with no real problems. (Source: http://new.knotions.com/resources/standard-measurements/childrens-body-measurements/)

Remember, we’re talking about the average baby here.

Should you have a baby with a growth spurt that exceeds the ‘average’ baby, then he or she will outgrow the infant car seat quicker than the rest of his/her peers. It doesn’t matter if it’s Britax, Chicco, Baby Jogger, Peg Perego, or any other infant car seat. Your toddler will outgrow them and you’ll need to transition to a convertible car seat, which will NOT fit onto your stroller.

So, if you have a big baby, just refund and return the item within 30 days if you’ve bought it from Amazon.com, and get a convertible right away.

What’s In The Package?

If you buy the travel system using this link, you’ll get the complete package, which includes the B-Agile 3 stroller, the B-Safe 35 infant car seat, the impact-absorbing car seat base, and a set of Click & Go adapters (receivers).

What Are The Other Accessories That I Can Get?

There are many accessories you can consider getting, but personally, I only bought the rain cover, so I cannot comment on the other accessories.

There’re many others who want a cup holder with their stroller, and I think it retails for $12.

Check out the list of accessories available on Amazon here.

NOTE: Please check the compatibility of these accessories with your car seat/ stroller model before you click the ‘add to cart’ button. It saves you the hassle of returning them later.

Where To Buy Britax B-Agile B-Safe Travel System?

Personally, I’d go to a Walmart, Target, or Babies R Us to check out the product, test out the features, and to experience walking with the stroller.

It’s something that I’ll be using for the next 3 years, so I might as well get a feel of it, taking in all the considerations such as my height compatibility with the stroller, how the wheels glide through the mall, how to buckle up, experiment with the recline, etc…

I love to play with the one-hand fold, and I can never get enough of it…

After which, I’ll make my purchase through Amazon.com.

First of all, I’ll have customer service from both Amazon and Britax. I don’t need to rave about Amazon’s customer service, as you should already know that by now.

Secondly, this is a bulky item. I prefer to have them delivered, rather than having to carry it all the way from the mall. I’ll leave the weight-lifting exercises in the gym.

Also, being a Prime member, shipping is always within 2 days and free, so I’ll usually make a list of things to buy, and opt to have them delivered together.

What Next?

I hope you readers have enjoyed my review of the Britax Agile travel system. If you feel that this is the right product for you that will make your first years’ parenting easier, I suggest you get it now!

I would also strongly recommend parents to always register your products (not just Britax) so that you’ll be promptly notified if your product has been included in a safety advisory, without having to find out later through research or the media. According to the Britax customer service, the model selling on Amazon now is manufactured after the recall notice (in Feb 2017).

If you’ve purchased the 2016 Britax B Agile or you just want to be sure, you can check out the following site to find out if your model number is included in the product recall involving the Click & Go receiver mounts used in the travel system mode: https://us.britax.com/service-support/recall-sites/click-go-recall-site/


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