best double jogging stroller

A good double jogging stroller is a lifesaver if you are a mother (or father) of two, who wants to enjoy running or jogging.

It is never easy to juggle parenting and your exercise regime. How often can you leave your kids at home to go out for a run on your own? That is why having the RIGHT gear is so important.

Our top-rated double jogging stroller is the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0, as it is versatile enough for serious runners as well as active families who want to enjoy the outdoors. BOB Revolution Pro Duallie is slightly more expensive compared to the Bob Flex Duallie as it includes a handbrake, which is much recommended for more serious runners or families staying in hilly terrains.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller is our #2 choice, closely behind Bob. And a more budget-friendly option is the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller.

It is so much more convenient to strap your kids onto the stroller and head out for a run. But because you are running with the load of 2 kids, an everyday stroller will not suffice.

A good double jogging stroller allows you to run and push with control and stability, as well as reduces the impact of shocks experienced by your babies, keeping them safe and comfy. Yes, a double jogging stroller will cost more than a normal double stroller but this is not just about a more stylish design. It is about utility and safety.It can be a dizzying task to compare all the jogging strollers in the market. The GOOD NEWS is that we’ve done it for you and here’s what we think is the BEST double jogging stroller!

Read on to find out more about the features of a good jogging stroller, or you can jump straight to our double jogging stroller reviews.

What Makes a Good Double Jogging Stroller?

Here are some features to look out for when choosing the right double jogger for your family. Be sure to select a double jogger with features that best fit your lifestyle, as well as your running prowess and goals.

1. Large Wheels

Most jogging strollers feature large wheels – typically one 12 inches front wheel and two 16 inches rear wheels. Larger wheels can handle uneven and rough terrains better and roll over bumps more easily, making it easier for the parent to push and also reduces the stress on the little riders. The large wheels also reduces the rolling drag so that it less reduces the effort over long runs.

2. Good Suspension Systems

Air-filled rubber wheels helps to reduce the impact of the jolts and shocks experienced by the babies from running on uneven terrains. However, this means that you will need to check on pressure of the wheels and inflate them with a pump if they go flat, just like how you would maintain a bicycle tire.

Both BOB and Thule offer additional shocks for the rear wheels so that the strollers push really smoothly. But BOB double jogging stroller is one step ahead with an adjustable suspension system to cater to different terrains and weight of your children.

The style and padding of the stroller seats also help to provide a cushioned ride. Sling style seats (you can imagine a hammock) that hang from the surrounding frame would be more comfortable than if you have your little one bouncing off a rigid flat seat.

3. Fixed or Lockable Swivel Front Wheel

When jogging or running, the front wheel needs to be locked or fixed in the forward direction for better stability and control. If not, the front wheel may wobble, vibrate or even turn sharply when going over debris. This is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous as it increases the risk of tip overs.

If you are a serious athlete looking for a running stroller to do just long distance runs, you might want to consider models with a fixed front wheel that is larger.

However, a fixed front wheel makes it really difficult to turn the stroller and manoeuvre.

If you want to use your jogging strollers for running as well as running errands, you should choose models that allow you to lock the wheel fully, as well as unlock to swivel for everyday use.

Both Thule Urban Glide and BOB strollers (Revolution Flex and Revolution Pro) offers such flexibility, and their locked front swivel wheel certainly do not lose out to other fixed wheel models. Front swivel wheel tend to be slightly smaller than the rear wheels so that it is easier to turn in tight places.

Jogging strollers are generally longer. The front wheel is further forward and away from the seat so that when the front wheel run over a bump, less of the jolt is transferred to the child.

4. Adjustable Tracking

This is akin to the alignment for your car. Both Thule and Bob features adjustable tracking. If you find that your stroller start to veer in 1 direction, you can make use of the adjustment mechanism to ensure that the front wheel keeps straight. Without such adjustable tracking mechanism, you will have to constantly and manually correct the direction while running, which makes the run more tiring and less enjoyable.

5. Huge Canopy

As you will be spending more time outdoors, it is important to have a large canopy to protect the children from the harmful rays and headwinds. Some canopies can be detached from the back to rotate it really low.

6. Safety Features – Safety Tether, 5-Point Harness, Reflective Accents

Most running strollers have a safety wrist strap attached to the handle bar. It is important that parents do make use of this safety tether and loop it around the risk to prevent incidents of the stroller rolling away when you accidentally let go of the handle bar when running.

Joggers should always feature a 5 point harness, similar to the infant car seats, to minimize injuries in the event of a crash or flip.
If you are running at night or early in the morning, it would be safer if the stroller has reflective accents to increase visibility for oncoming traffic.

7. Brake

Most jogging strollers feature a parking foot brake. Some models include an additional handbrake can help with speed control when going downhill so that you can maintain your running pace and form.

8. Adjustable Handlebar

An adjustable handlebar allows parents of different heights to find the right height for an ergonomic running position.

9. Storage Spaces and Cup Holders

There’s always loads of stuff to bring when you are outdoors with your little ones. A large storage underneath the seat is important as heavy objects should be kept low to avoid tip-overs. Heavy bags should not be hanging on the handlebar.

Some strollers come with cup holders for the parent. Unfortunately, not all cup holders are safely designed. Cup holders with less than 3 inches depth is NOT deep enough to prevent water bottles from toppling when running over rough bumpy terrains. Also. you should never place old drinks above your child, in case of spill overs.

10. Folding Mechanism

The easier the folding mechanism, the better it is. But just bear in mind that double jogging strollers, even when folded, will never be small. Usually, the rear wheels can be easily popped off for more compact storage.

Tandem Jogging Stroller vs Side-by-Side Double Jogging Stroller

For better performance, most double jogging strollers are side-by-side strollers so that the weight is distributed evenly. Inline double jogging strollers are easier to navigate in tight spaces and tend to fold more compactly. However, they tend to be longer and front heavy.

#1: BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie 3.0 Jogging Stroller – Best for Runners

The latest Bob Revolution Duallie Flex 3.0 stroller comes with an updated logo design.

When it comes to Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller, it is tried and tested workhorse. It is pricey but worth every penny for its excellent quality and design.

Most people love BOB because it is sturdy and a breeze to push, even when loaded with 2 kids and stuff! It almost feels as if it can self-propel, and very easy to control using 1 hand while running.

As the name suggests, BOB Revolution Flex Duallie is a very versatile stroller that’s not only suitable for serious runners, but also active families who enjoy outdoor activities.

Bob Strollers Comparison: BOB Duallie FLEX 2.0 vs 3.0

BOB has been refining their strollers over the years, and the latest BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie has addressed some of the feedback from the Flex 2.0.

The peak-a-boo window now comprises of a clear plastic viewing window and a newly added section with mesh screen, which makes it easier for you to talk to your child. This also helps to improve ventilation and keep the kids cool. In the older version, ventilation panels are only at the back of the seats.

bob jogging stroller peek a boo window

A magnetic closure now replaces the velcro closure, which is silent and easy to open or close the peek-a-boo flap without waking up a napping child. However, a future upgrade BOB might want to consider is to use stronger magnets as the magnetic closure may come loose more easily over very bumpy and rough terrains.

Bob revolution jogging stroller has always included ample storages. The latest Bob Duallie Flex 3.0 have increased the storage pockets from 6 to 10! Zippered pockets are added at the back of the canopy so that you can keep small items such as your keys and valuables. More compartments (zip n elastic pockets) are also added at the back of the seat so that it’s easier for parents to keep things handy.

Bob flex duallie storage

Ample storages in the latest Bob Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0.

They have also upgraded the seat cushioning by changing the placement of the paddings and increasing the cushion pads from 6 to 13.

In terms safety features for running at night or dawn, BOB Revolution Flex 3 now features more reflective strips on the canopy and basket, compared to just the canopy in the Revolution Flex 2.

Another notable change is the updated colors. Bob Revolution Flex 3 now features a black frame, instead of grey, which gives it a sleeker appearance overall.

It now comes in 4 updated colors – Graphite Black, Glacier Blue, Lunar Black and Sedona Orange (the orange is now more subdue and paired with a more maroon red). The lunar design features large reflective fabric which is really great for safety at night.

bob revolution flex duallie 4 color

Click here to check all available color versions of the Bob Flex Duallie on Amazon

What we like about the BOB Revolution Duallie

Features for the parent

The front wheel locks in place in a forward straight position, so that it is super stable to run and jog. You wouldn’t want to run with a wobbly swivel wheel as it poses the risk of tripping and falling. The front wheel locks outwards, which extends the shape and length of the stroller, making it easier to run.

If you are a serious runner, you will be glad to know that BOB has detailed instructions on how to fine-tune the tracking of your stroller.

The large wheels (16 inches for the rear wheels and 12 inches for the front wheel) can handle just about any terrain and condition – be it rain, snow, sand, gravel, dirt roads, pebbles, rocks, bumpy hiking trails, paved streets or shopping malls. So you can transition from one terrain to another one effortlessly, which is especially helpful if you are at a rural countryside.

Bob revolution duallie double stroller suspension systemThis double bob jogging stroller glides really smoothly with the help of a great mountain bike-like suspension system, including 2 adjustable shocks on both sides of the strollers, that’s capable of absorbing the impact of the bumps. You can modify the suspension for a heavier child or increase it when you are moving through rougher terrains. The air-filled rubber wheels also help to absorb some of the impact to give the little riders a more comfy ride.

With all suspension components combined, the Revolution Flex Duallie is really easy and smooth to push. As you can run really fast with the stroller, always remember to loop the runway safety strap around your wrist!

When not running, the front wheel can also be unlocked to swivel so that you can easily navigate and manoeuvre around the neighborhood. There is a little red knob in front for you to lock and unlock the wheel, so yes you will have to bend down to switch between the modes.

The stroller is easy to handle and turns on a dime. It may not be the easiest everyday stroller to use, but with a width of 31 inches wide, it DOES fits through a standard doorway. But just like any other side-by-side double stroller, it’s probably not a good idea to bring it down the clothing isle of your local shopping mall.

I really love the brilliantly designed and easy to use foot brake. BOB has made use of a horizontal metal bar so it’s really easy and quick to engage and disengage the brake. The brake locks both rear wheels securely to keep the wheels from rolling even on a slope or when loaded.

The handlebar can be adjusted up to 9 heights, so you can be sure to find a position that’s right for your height. It is also padded so that you do not risk losing your grip when your palms get all sweaty during your run.

bob revolution adjustable handle bar

There’s loads of storage spaces. Other than the compartments in the canopy and back of the seats as mentioned earlier, there is also a deep and spacious storage bag under the seat. You can easily fit a diaper bag, lunch bag and some jackets or blankets for a day out.

BOB Flex 3 Duallie also features a 1 hand seat recline. All you need to do is press on a buckle centered on the adjustable straps behind the seat to recline the seat. To bring the seat back to upright position, simply pull the 2 ends of the adjustable straps. Easy and intuitive.

one hand seat recline

In terms of the initial set up, it’s really easy to unbox and assemble. Just attach the 3 wheels and you are ready to go. In fact, you may find yourself spending more time unwrapping the parts and removing the plastics.

Easy 2 step fold mechanism. To fold the double stroller, squeeze the 2 little handles near the handlebar and flip it over to fold down the top half. Then, pull the red cord at the back to fully collapse it.

Unfortunately, there is no self-locking mechanism so you will need to lock it using a red clip in the front. Note that the handlebar needs to be straightened to click in place.

The rear wheels can be easily popped off to reduce the folded size.

NOTE: The front wheel is no longer attached via the quick-release style as per the rear wheels due to safety concerns. For the small bit of space saved and trouble involved, we don’t think that the front wheel should be removed in most cases.

It is even easier to open the stroller. Simply unfold it and give it a flick.

The Bob Revolution Flex Duallie is also travel-system compatible with the following infant car seat brands – Bob, Britax, Chicco, Peg Prego and Graco. But you will need to purchase the car seat adapter separately.

Bob revolution jogging stroller also scores well when it comes to quality, and ease of use or maintenance. The materials for the footrest and seats are durable and easy to wipe clean with a cloth and soapy water.

The 5-point safety harness can also be easily adjusted without the hassle of re-threading!

Features for the Little Riders

bob revolution flex duallie seatsThe seats are pretty upright so that older toddlers can sit more comfortably and be able to see the world while you are running. The seats are also cozy and deep, accommodating children up to a height of 44 inches, so even your 3-4 year olds can fit with ample leg room.

The stroller seats are padded compression seats, which helps to further dampen the impact of bumps to give a more smooth and comfy ride. The 5-point harness are also padded to ensure both safety and comfort.

I like that each seat can recline independently, so that when one of children is tired, he can nap without affecting the other child. Similarly, each seat comes with its own canopy so that it can be adjusted independently according to the preference of the individual kid.

The canopy is generously sized, with 50+ UPF protection, and does a good job in blocking out the dreaded sun rays from shining into the children’s eyes. When fully pulled down, only the lower half of the toddler’s legs would be exposed.

There are also 2 small mesh pockets at the sides of the seats so that your little ones can keep their sippy cups, snacks or small toys close to them throughout the run.

The Not-So-Good

While the folding mechanism is rather easy, the downside is that it is not self-locking or self-standing. Not so convenient for a mom with multiple kids.

The hardest part is loading it up the car as it is pretty heavy and bulky. Well, this is not too unexpected of a double jogging stroller and I wouldn’t want to compromise on the sturdiness and durability of the Bob stroller.

The sunshade does feel a little flimsy.

Since the wheels are air-filled rubber tires for increased suspension, the tires can and will go flat. The easiest way to handle such situations is to send it to a bike shop.

The Bob Flex Duallie is not ideal for twin infants as the double stroller cannot fit 2 infant car seats at one time. The seat recline is also not totally flat so you can only use it for babies above 8 weeks old. For a newborn, you will need to use the stroller with an infant car seat.

IMPORTANT: You shouldn’t be running until baby is at least 8 months old as they do not have sufficient neck support and core muscle strength. Always check with your paediatrician if your baby is ready to run with you. Before then, you should only use the jogging stroller to stroll on smooth flat surfaces.

Unfortunately, the parent console and snack tray are not included, and have to be purchased separately.

What Accessories Can You Purchase?

Bob Duallie Handlebar Console

The Flex 3.0 Duallie features a zippered pocket behind the canopy where you can put your valuables. There are also mesh pockets behind the seats where you can possibly place your bottles.

However, if you do not like to have your keys and phone so close to your children’s head or if your children are fussy enough to mind the bottles against their back, you can consider getting the parent console. It is easily attached to the handle bar via 4 hook and loop velcro straps.

The Bob Duallie handlebar console is made of water and stain resistant fabric with two water bottle holders and a zippered storage pocket. The bottle holders are deep, but not big enough to fit larger bottles such as Nalgene, Hydroflask or Camelbak bottles. Similarly, the storage pocket is too tight for any phone bigger than an iphone 6. Most parents added up using the bottle holders for their phones.

Bob Duallie Snack Tray

The Bob Duallie snack tray bar goes across both seats, and include a cup holder and flat surface for each child. It is pretty easy to plug in, as well as easy to clean. However, the most common complaint is that it is too high for smaller kids to reach.

Bob Duallie Seat Adapter

The infant car seat adapter bar runs across both seats. However, only one side allows for an infant car seat to be clicked in place, while the other side includes a snack tray.

Weather Shield

The weather shield protects your children from the wind and rain, while providing a large clear viewing window for them to look out into the surroundings. There are also air vents to ensure good ventilation and prevent overheating.

Who Is It Best For?

The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie is versatile enough for multi-purpose uses. It is suitable for parents who are serious about running, families who want to become more active and outdoor lovers who want to spend more time with the family on walks and adventures. The swivel front wheels mean that you can also navigate around the neighborhood and city streets to run errands.

However, it may not be easy to use it as your only everyday stroller as it can be bulky and cumbersome for city life.

BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller – Best for Hilly Terrains

BOB Duallie Pro is very similar to the Bob Revolution Flex Duallie stroller, but it costs approximately 50 dollars more. The main difference lies in the additional hand-operated rear brake.

Whether it is worth getting the Bob Duallie Pro would depend on the terrain you are in. The additional handbrake gives the much needed downhill control.

It may not be that crucial on relatively flat terrains. But if you are running in a terrain with long steep hills, it would be really important to have this additional handbrake (just like a bicycle) to prevent you from losing control of the stroller speed, allowing you to maintain your running form and pace.

#2: THULE Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller – Best for Luxury

thule urban glide 2 double jogging strollerThule is a strong contender for the best double jogging stroller against BOB. Both are really great jogging strollers but with some differences, so you’ll need to decide which one is right for your family.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller, with its black fabric and silver frame, has a sleek and luxurious look compared to BOB revolution jogging stroller’s more rugged and sporty look.

Both Thule and Bob are high quality jogging strollers which pushes very smoothly and is easy to manoeuvre. Thule also features some nice little details and folds more compactly compared to Bob.

Parents who choose Bob Revolution Double Jogger over Thule Double Jogging Stroller tend to do so because the Thule’s seats are more shallow and do not sit as upright as Bob’s.

What We Like about Thule Double Jogging Stroller and How Does it Compare with BOB

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Double jogging stroller has many great features similar to BOB double jogging strollers.

The fit and finish of the Thule Double Jogging Stroller is well executed, clean and sleek. The frame is lightweight and smooth but feels sturdy and stiff. There are very few exposed connections or fasteners and the fabric is attached to the stroller frame in an almost seamless way.

Even though it is a double stroller, it has a very nimble feel. It pushes very smoothly and is easy to manoeuvre.

The front swivel wheel can be locked outwards by turning a blue knob in front. Together with the large air-filled rubber tires (two 16 inches rear wheels and a 12 inches front wheel), it’s really nice for jogging.

thule urban front lockable swivel wheel

The handlebar can be adjusted to accommodate parents of different heights. It is also nicely shaped with a smaller diameter, so it will fit really well in your hand.

The stroller seats have structured padded so that your little ones will enjoy a comfortable and less bumpy ride. The high quality seat fabric material is smooth, tight and breathable. It is not only comfortable, but also very easy to clean.

The seats can be reclined independently. It is a simple one hand recline using a toggle behind the seat.

The 5 point harness for the kids are also padded for comfort and safety. The buckle is very easy to operate and it is hassle-free to adjust the harness. No-rethreading is needed!

thule urban glide 2 structured padded seats and 5 point harnessseats

Similarly to Bob double jogging strollers, there’s a ventilation mesh to improve air flow when the seat is relined.

It also features a large peek-a-boo window on each canopy. The peek-a-boo windows are made of clear plastic and features a magnetic closure for the cover, so you can check in on your child without waking them up with the sounds of noisy Velcro.

Features that we think Thule has outperformed Bob:

Thule strollers are very well-built using high quality materials. It does feel sturdier for some parts, such as the sunshade. I also love the blue touch points, which makes the stroller really intuitive to use.

In addition to the foot brake, Thule Urban Glide 2 also features a hand brake so that you can control the speed when going downhill. It is a twisting drum design in the center of the handle bar, which is easy and natural to use.

Thule urban glide hand brake

Similar to Bob, there’s ample storage available. This includes mesh storage compartments behind the stroller seats, mesh storage pockets at the sides of the seats that are within reach for the little riders and a large storage basket (10 Ibs weight limit) under the seat that can be accessed from the back.

A nice touch here (which is lacking in Bob) is that the storage basket can be zippered up with its water-resistant zippered cover so you do not have to worry about your stuff flying out or getting wet from the rain. It helps to reduce air drag when you run too! There’s also a zippered pocket at the back of the storage basket to keep small items.

Thule urban glide 2 zippered storage basket and foot brake

The only caveat is that while you can certainly throw in a diaper bag, you might not be able to zip up the cover if the bag is too big.

The Thule Double Jogging Stroller is a truly one hand fold. It is very easy to fold and unfold. You will find a secret bar below the seat. Simply turn the blue handle to fold the stroller down. Once folded, there is an automatic lock and the stroller is self-standing! Both of these features are lacking in Bob.

This stroller also folds more compactly than Bob, and feels easier and less bulky to load and unload from the car.

Thule urban glide 2 flat fold


Same as Bob, you can pop the rear wheels off to further reduce the folded size.

Thule features 2 medium size canopies that can be adjusted individually. The sun shade coverage is up to the child’s knee area, so the coverage is not as far as Bob. However, the canopy does feel sturdier.

thule urban glide 2 adjustable sun canopy

Just like Bob revolution double jogging strollers, Thule is travel system compatible but is only able to accept 1 infant car seat at one time. Hence they are not not ideal for infant twins However, Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging strollers are compatible for more infant car seat brands.

There are specific Thule Car Seat Adaptors for Maxi Cosi and Chicco infant car seats, which I like as they are very easy to click on and feels very secure. For all other brands, there is a universal adaptor. But this requires additional steps of strapping the adaptor in.

Great features that we think Thule has underperformed against Bob:

The Thule jogging stroller does not have an adjustable suspension like Bob. The suspension also feels softer. But overall it is still able to provide a comfortable ride for the little ones due to the rear-wheel suspension, pneumatic rubber tires, thick seat paddings and padded harness.

The tire thread is thinner compared to Bob’s so it may not handle very rough or sandy terrains as well as Bob jogging stroller.

The foot brake (the small red tab) is relatively easy to engage and disengage. But I feel that the bar design by Bob is still better and easier to use.

The Not-So-Good

The most common deal breaker for the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double stroller is the seats. The seats are not as deep nor as upright as BOB’s, so it may not fit older and larger toddlers comfortably.

The latch holding the folded stroller is made of plastic and may be broken easily.

While there are magnetic closures to hold the peak-a-boo window covers closed there are no magnet to keep them open.

Thule Urban 2 inline double jogging stroller review

Who is it for?

Overall, the Thule Urban Glide 2 is a great double jogging stroller with a smooth push. However, this may not be the right stroller for you if your little riders prefer to sit upright and look around without straining his neck and back.

#3: Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller – Best for Affordability

The Baby Trend Expedition double jogging stroller is budget-friendly and comes with the most number of free add-ons. does the job for brisk walks, hikes along trails and occasional runs. There are also parents who have jogged well with it.

But it is not the best choice for running due to the lack of additional suspension system and the sometimes wobbly front wheel. If you are serious about running and plan to clock in serious miles, we think you deserve better.