Is the fastest bottle warmer the best bottle warmer?

Bottle feeding baby with breast milk

Well, even in a world that that values speed and efficiency, the shortest warming time is certainly NOT the most important criteria when it comes to selecting the best bottle warmer for breastmilk.

After evaluating the bottle warmers available on the market, here’s our list of the best bottle warmers for breast milk:

#1 – Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer – Overall Best Bottle Warmer for Breast Milk

#2 – Tommee Tippee 3 in 1 Advanced Bottle & Pouch Warmer – Best for Easy-to-Use Interface

#3 – Dr Brown’s MilkSPA Breast Milk and Bottle Warmer – Best Digital Breast Milk Warmer

Breast milk contains so much precious nutrients that is often referred to as “liquid gold”. However, they are easily destroyed at high temperatures.

A good breast milk bottle warmer is therefore supposed to help you warm and prep a bottle QUICKLY and SAFELY so that you can feed your crying baby asap. Yet at the same time, preserving the valuable natural nutrients.

Some people may think it’s silly to buy a bottle warmer. Honestly, warming a baby bottle is a relatively low tech job. You may well be able to do it with a traditional warm water bath.

A baby milk warmer may not be a necessity for all families, BUT it can certainly help pumping moms save time and effort in the preparation of bottled breast milk for feedings. This is especially true for the night-time feedings.

If you are undecided as to whether a bottle warmer is necessary for your family, do read on for our Baby Bottle Warmer Buying Guide and FAQs. Alternatively, you can jump straight to our bottle warmer reviews!

#1: Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer – Overall Best Bottle Warmer for Breast Milk

The design focus of Kiinde Kozii is NOT on speed, but rather health and safety.

Following the CDC and USDA guidelines for warming breast milk, the Kiinde bottle warmer relies on its patent-pending safe heating technology to create a low-temperature gently swirling warm water bath. This eliminates the risk of hotspots and keeps the nutrients in the breast milk unharmed.

The maximum temperature of the water bath is approximately that of the hot tap water. This is not dangerously hot if you accidentally get into contact with the water, making it safe even if you have a curious toddler at home who might reach the counter-top.

The Kiinde warmer is really easy to use. You can single-handedly operate it in the middle of the night.

The water chamber is spacious enough to accommodate any bottles, breast milk storage pouches, food pouches and even food jars. Yes, even the fat COMOTOMO bottles.

Along with the timer dial where you can set the warming time, it gives you great versatility in warming milk and baby food purees.There’s a ticking sound when the heating cycle is on. My only complaint is that I wished there could be an audible alarm at the end.

Features That We Like

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer f

Multi-Function Universal Bottle Warmer

The gentle heating and spacious water bath chamber means that you can use it to warm up almost anything!

It can accommodate any types of baby bottles (whether they are glass, plastic, wide or narrow bottles), thaw storage bags of freeze breast milk and even heat up baby food purees stored in glass food jars or food pouches.

Easy to Use

Makes use of an integrated heating chamber and reservoir.

Simply pour approximately 2 cups of water into the heating chamber. Allow a few seconds for the water to flow through into the reservoir chamber. The warmer is full when the water level reaches the “FULL” line.

You can fill the device ahead of time. When it’s time to heat up the milk bottle, simply drop the bottle into the heating chamber and turn the timer dial. This is truly a single-handed operation. And you are free to walk away.

I like that you don’t have to be very exact in the amount of water to add. There is also no need to refill the water after each session because the water is reused after each heating cycle.

When the heating cycle starts, water will rise from the reservoir up into the heating chamber.

Timer Dial

I like that the timer function is in minutes, so it is really intuitive and flexible to use. It’s also really easy to know how much heating time is left by just looking at the timer dial.

TIP: If you need to set the timer to just 2 minutes, you will need to turn the timer past 3 minutes first, before turning it down.

The manufacturer has even included a table with warming timings depending on the type of bottle, pouches or food jar you are using, the volume of the fluid, and whether the bottle is at room temperature, just out of the fridge or frozen.

These guidelines provide a great starting pointing. So it really helps to eliminate a lot of guesswork and anxiety for new parents. But it is always recommended that you test the temperature before feeding your little one. After a few tries, you’d be able to determine the best warming times.

IMPORTANT: Even though the Kiinde warmer supposed to make use of safe heating technology, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you select the maximum timer setting inappropriately, the milk will get heated up to around 120 degree Fahrenheit, where the degradation of the anti-bodies and nutrients happen.

Automatic Timer with Auto Shut-Off Function

Turns itself off automatically. There is a ticking sound while the heating is on, which stops when the heating cycle is completed. I would prefer

but it would be good to have a louder alarm at the end of the cycle.

When the timer is up, water is automatically drained from the warming chamber back into the reservoir. So even if you forgot about the bottle, the bottle does not continue to sit in the warm water bath hence avoid overheating.

No Need to Refill Each Time

The water reservoir is relatively large so you do not have to refill it after each warming cycle.

As warm water evaporates naturally, you will have to top up the water after 5-10 cycles to the “Full” mark.

IMPORTANT: The water level is ALWAYS kept above the “Empty” mark. If the warmer runs dry, it will trip. If it happens 3 times, you can bid the gadget farewell.

Safe for Kids

If you have toddlers at home and are worried about them reaching the counter-top, the Kindle Kozii makes a very safe option as the warm water bath is not heated to a dangerous temperatures.

Water in the heating chamber is same temperature of the hot tap water.

Easy to Clean

The day-to day maintenance is really simple.

Every 2 to 3 days, you will need to pour out the water from the reservoir via the overflow drain hole at the top of the heating chamber. Pour a cup of mild soapy water into the warmer and allows it to drain into the reservoir. Swirl the unit around before pouring the solution out from the overflow hole. Finally repeat the steps by rinsing with fresh water. You may need to repeat a few rounds until the water is no long soapy.

Some parents complain that the Kozii bottle warmer stop working after a couple months. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean and descale regularly!

De-scaling should be done at least every 2 months by using either mixing ¼ cup vinegar with 1 cup cold water or using a 1:50 bleach/water solution. Without this descaling maintenance, scales will build up on the heating elements, resulting in longer heating times or malfunction.

Not Bulky on the Counter-Top

The warmer is rather compact and takes up a small space on the counter-top.

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The Kiinde Kozii do not have an end of cycle alarm or beep sound to alert you that the heating cycle is complete. Instead, there’s a ticking sound when the heating is on which will stop 30 seconds before completion. It is also very intuitive to know how much heating time is left by looking at the timer dial.

To thaw frozen breast milk, you will need to manually turn the dial to run for 2 cycles one after the other.

Another point to note is that the Kiinde bottle warmer, like many others, are timer-based not thermostatically-controlled. This means that if you set the timer to the maximum setting for a milk bottle at room temperature, the milk bottle can get heated up to around 120 F, which is above the temperature where breast milk degradation happens. It is therefore important that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the warming timings.

Other Specifications

Weight: 1.85lb
Dimensions: 8” x 8” x 6”

#2: Tommee Tippee 3 in 1 Advanced Bottle & Pouch Warmer – Best for Easy-to-Use Interface

The Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer is a great breast milk bottle warmer for you if you want to totally eliminate any guesswork. Unlike Kozii, you don’t even have to check or remember the guidelines on warming times.

The interface is super easy to navigate. There are only 3 buttons along with intuitive and self-explanatory icons for you to select the correct program.

Simply select the starting temperature (room temperature, fridge or frozen), material of the container (plastic bottle, glass bottle or pouch) and the volume. Press on the “Start” button and the heating settings will be automatically determined.

When the warming cycle is completed, the warmer will be automatically shut-off and you will be notified by an end of cycle beeping alarm.

You do not have to worry about overheating as the Tommee Tippee warmer makes use of a water bath with a shut-off temperature that is safe enough to preserve the nutrients of the breast milk The large heating chamber also makes it a versatile warmer that can accommodate bottle of various brands, sizes and materials, as well as breast milk pouches and food jars.

I have to say that it is the PERFECT warmer if you are also using Tommee Tippee bottles and pouches. The only caveat is that there is no timer to fine-tune the automatic settings. So if you are using bottles of other brands that are thicker, you may find that the milk may be heated to a cooler than ideal temperature.

Features That We Like

Straightforward to Use

The buttons and icons for the program selection are self-explanatory. It is great for people who feel insecure or do not like having to figure out how many minutes of heating is required.

Based on the temperature, volume and bottle material selections, the automatic timer will work out the optimum warming time for you.

Automatic Shut-off and End-of-Cycle Beeping

The warmer has an automatic shut-off function when the heating cycle is completed, hence reducing the risk of overheating. You will also be notified by the beeping sound.

Comes with a Cradle to Keep Your Hands Dry

The Tommee Tippee bottle warmer also comes with a cradle for you to place the bottle or milk pouch, so that you can easily submerge and lift it up without your hand getting into contact with the hot water bath.

Easy to Refill

The warmer is easy to refill. There is just 1 heating chamber, without a separate water reservoir.

After placing the storage pouch, food jar or milk bottle into the cradle, simply pour 9 oz of the water directly into the heating chamber.

The manufacturer’s recommendation of a consistent water bath of 9 oz irrespective of the bottle or pouch capacity is to ensure consistent warming.

Relatively Simple Descaling Maintenance

Like it all not, all water bath bottle warmers will require you to descale the unit regular. It’s recommended by the manufacturer to descale the unit every 4 weeks using 250ml white vinegar.


Unable to Tell and Control the Time

As the timer is internal, there is no way to tell how much heating time is left, until you are notified by the beeping sound.

While the programmed heating settings is really convenient, the downside is that you are unable to have full autonomy of the heating times.

The warmer heats up Tommee Tippee bottles and pouches PERFECTLY.

However, some parents have found that bottles of other brands may be heated to a cooler temperature as the Tommee Tippee bottles tend to be thinner compared to others. For example, the Comotomo bottles are made of thicker silicone material but there isn’t a timer that you can fine tune the settings.

Water Does not Drain Out

The Tommee Tippee bottle warmer does not have a separate reservoir for the water to drain out, unlike Kozzi. Therefore, if you forgot to remove the bottle after the beeping sound, the milk bottle will continue to sit in the warm water.

Do I Really Need to Refill the Water Each Time?

Technically, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you are supposed to let the unit cool and dump the water after each use. Refill with 9 oz of water each time to ensure heating consistency.

However, it’s pretty annoying to do so and you are unlikely to see that much evaporation happening. It should work just fine if you just dump the water and refill it once a day.

No Memory Function

How much lazier can I get?

Yes, I do like the simple interface. But after repeated pressing of the 3 selection buttons to get to the same program settings most of the time, I start to wish that there’s a memory function for the most commonly used or the last used program.

#3: Dr Brown’s MilkSPA Bottle Warmer – Best Digital Breast Milk Warmer

Similar to Tommee Tippee bottle warmer, the Dr Brown MilkSPA breast milk and bottle warmer has pre-programmed settings based on your selection of starting temperature, volume and type of bottles or pouches.

On top of that, Dr Brown has also addressed some of the issues that we raised for Tommee Tippee warmer in terms of the pre-programmed settings.

This Dr Brown’s bottle warmer allows you to manually adjust the timer settings if you need to customize the timing. This may seem a little complicated for some people at the beginning. The GOOD news is that it remembers your last used settings, so you are just 2 buttons away from warming your baby bottle!

The water bath warmer also features auto-shut off function and the end of cycle beep. There is a digital timer that you can easily read off to know how much heating is left.

You don’t have to refill the Dr Brown’s MilkSPA bottle warmer each time. However, there are a few EXTRA steps to be taken when changing the water, as compared to the Tommee Tippee and kindle kozii bottle warmer.

Features We Like

dr brown's bottle warmer review


The spacious heating chamber also makes it versatile enough to accommodate narrow and wide baby bottles, food jars and breast milk storage pouches.

You can even remove the top basket to accommodate the Comotomo bottles.

12 Pre-Programmed Heating Settings

There are 12 pre-set heating programs based on your selection of starting temperature condition, bottle type and volume.

Press the “Vessel Type/Volume” button to toggle between the options of Glass Bottle, Plastic Bottle and Milk Pouches. The volume is then by using the UP and DOWN button to adjust. Next, press the ”Starting Temperature” button to toggle between room temperature, refrigerated or frozen. Finally, press on the “Start Cycle” button.

Note that there are no pre-programmed settings for frozen milk in glass bottle because you are not supposed to freeze the glass bottles!

Manual Adjustment to Timer

The pre-programmed warming times are based on Dr Brown’s bottles. Hence if you are using other baby bottles, you might need to manually adjust the timing to have the milk warmed to your ideal temperature.

I like it that you can customize and make manual adjustments to the heating times as that gives you added flexibility.

To increase or decrease the timer setting, you can easily do so by pressing the UP or DOWN arrow button at the Temperature mode.

Memory Function

Very often, you are using the same heating settings and it can take a number of button pressings to reach your desired heating program. After some time, it can get tiresome.

It is really helpful that that the warmer remembers your last used setting as you will be only 2 buttons away from a warmed bottle. All you need is to press any button to start the unit, followed by the “Start Cycle” button. Simple.

Digital Timer Display

The digital timer will count down until the end of the heating cycle. A quick glance at it and you will know just how much more time is needed. It also lights up for the late night feedings.

Auto Shut-Off

As with the other 2 bottle warmers, the Dr Bro