Baby Jogger City Select LUX Review

UPDATE: We first reviewed The Baby Jogger City Select in 2016 and now we are back to provide an update on the upgraded version of the ever-popular Baby Jogger City Select – the Baby Jogger City Select LUX, which was introduced in 2017 and is probably the most versatile convertible stroller EVER.

If you’re new to Baby Jogger, don’t be fooled by the name. Baby Jogger City Select is NOT a jogging stroller.

Yes, the brand Baby Jogger started in 1984 with the first jogging stroller to help active parents continue jogging even with a toddler. Since then, they have moved far beyond jogging strollers to cater to the needs of more parents.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX is a convertible everyday stroller that is super adaptable and versatile, designed to cater to the needs of a growing family.

If you plan on having more than one child, this is probably the only stroller you’ll ever need… You can use the City Select as a single stroller, double stroller, or even as a triple stroller if you attach the glider board for your older child to stand on. With the latest City Select LUX’s new bench seat accessory, you can extend the use of the City Select as a double stroller for a few more years.

When your older toddler (say around 3 – 5 years old) is no longer contended to be confined in the main stroller seat, you can change the main full-size seat to this rear-facing bench seat. This is a feature that’s so far only found in the sit-and-stand type of strollers.

 Baby Jogger City Select LUX vs City Select 2016 – What’s Different?

Just from the visuals, the City Select LUX convertible stroller has a premium, sleeker and more modern feel. There are also lots of great upgrades that you’ll love…

  • New City Select LUX Bench Seat (or Jump Seat) Accessory

city selec lux accessories - rear benchThis is probably one of the highlights among the new features. I really like this bench seat as you can now use LUX as a double stroller for a few more years, possibly without having to buy a new sit-and-stand stroller.

Older toddlers, usually around 3 years old, do not like to be constrained (well, some of them can even ride a bike by now). But they do get tired, fussy, or cranky at times.

Instead of using the standard stroller seat, you can now attach this rear-facing bench to the back position. Your older toddler can now hop on and off easily when he is tired of walking, or if you just want to breeze through the crowd.

As it is meant to cater to older toddlers, the bench seat can accommodate up to 65 Ibs and features a 3-point harness that keeps your child safely secured without making them feel too restrained. This accessory set comes in 2 separate pieces – the bench seat and the footrest.

However, the footrest is NOT meant for standing. You will need to buy the glider board accessory separately if your second or third child wants to stand. Unfortunately, the rear bench and the glider board attaches to the same part of the stroller, so you can only attach/use either one of them at a time.

It would have been perfect if Baby Jogger had designed the bench seat and glider/riding board as a set, so that your child has both sitting and standing options at the same time. Maybe an idea for the next upgrade?

While it may not fit into the strict definition of a sit and stand stroller, this is perhaps as close as you can get if you are a fan of baby jogger as there’s no other baby jogger sit and stand stroller models.

Click Here to Check Out the Latest Features

IMPORTANT: This bench seat can only be attached to the new Baby Jogger City Select LUX model. It is NOT compatible with the older City Select stroller models.

  • Higher Quality Fabrics

The new fabric feels softer and smoother, compared to the 2016 model which had a more plastic and nylon touch. The colors are also more modern and premium-looking.

  • Handlebar

The shape of the handle bar is now more squarish compared to the rounded handlebar of the Baby Jogger City Select 2016. The handle bar can also be extended higher by about 1”.

  • NEW Decelerating Brake and a Change in Position of Hand Brake

In the LUX model, the position of the hand brake has been moved from the side up to the horizontal handlebar.

Other than the parking brake, they’ve also added a decelerating brake, which is really helpful especially if you want to slow down when going downhill.

  • Foldable Seat

The stroller seat of the City Select 2016 is a single molded piece. The new LUX seat can be folded up, making it much more compact if you’re looking to remove and stow away the seat.

  • Automatic Lock

The easy fold mechanism is still the same – simply lift the lever on both sides to fold.

The GOOD news is that the City Select LUX now features an automatic lock, instead of the manual lock in the older models.

  • 30% More Compact Fold

The fold of the City Select LUX stroller is 30% more compact as you now can and need to fold up the seat before folding the stroller.

I like this feature as the seat now folds inwards, rather than having the seat being exposed at the top (collecting dust and dirt) in the City Select 2016.

When folded, it also exposes and allows easier access to the cross-bar for carrying.

  • Changes to the Seat Adaptors to Attach the 2nd Seat

The seat adaptor has been modified, which makes it simpler and easier to attach the second seat.

  • Upgraded Wheels and Suspension

The City Select LUX now features all-wheels suspension and full soft rubber tires so that the stroller pushes better and you don’t have to worry about punctures.

This is an improvement to the previous plastic front wheel and front-wheel suspension.

  • More Great Accessories

Baby Jogger has introduced a few new fun accessories for the LUX model, such as the City Select LUX Shopping Tote which is compatible to the seat adaptor, and an updated cup holder.

Is The Baby Jogger City Select LUX the BEST Convertible Stroller?

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX is probably the most versatile and adaptable convertible stroller to meet the changing needs of your growing family.

Here’s a very cute video that summarizes what this stroller offers. We’ll go into the details below the video:

What Car Seats are Compatible with City Select?

You can easily turn the City Select LUX into a travel system using the appropriate car seat adapter.

However, you do have to purchase the car seat adapter separately.

With a compatible infant car seat, you can start using the stroller from birth. Moving your child from the car to the stroller also becomes so much more convenient and you can avoid waking them up (and getting all cranky).

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX stroller is compatible with most major brands of infant car seat.

Here’s a good long list of compatible infant car seats:

  • Britax: B-Safe, B-Safe 35, B-Safe 35 Elite, BOB B-Safe
  • Baby Jogger: City GO
  • Chicco: KeyFit 30
  • Cybex: Aton, Aton 3S, Aton Q
  • Graco: SnugRide Click Connect 30, SnugRide Click Connect 35, Snugride Click Connect 35 LX, Snugride Click Connect 40
  • Maxi Cosi: Mico AP, Mico Max 30, Pebble/Cabrio Fix/Pebble Plus
  • Nuna: Pipa
  • Peg-Perego: Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30

On the Amazon listing by following the link below, there are quite a few variations of the adapters according to the stroller and car seat models. Be sure to select the correct one!

Check Out The Adapters on and Create Your Own Travel System

More than 20 different seat configurations as a single or double stroller

The Baby Jogger City Select stroller is meant to grow aptly with your family and kids. It is highly versatile and super functional!

Whether you’re looking for a travel system, a pram, a single stroller, a double stroller, a double pram or even a triple stroller – City Select has all it takes to customize to your needs.

The City Select 2016 offered 16 different seating positions, and we thought that was a lot. But LUX now offers more than 20 configurations!

City Select LUX can be used from Newborn to Toddlerhood

You can start using the City Select LUX right from the beginning for your newborn by attaching the infant car seat to the stroller, or by transforming it to a pram.

The City Select LUX is compatible with the City Select LUX Pram Kit and City Select Deluxe Pram kit.

You can easily transform the City Select stroller into a pram for your newborn by attaching the City Select LUX Pram Kit to the chassis. I love the idea of the bassinet as it allows the newborn to lie totally flat and in the parent-facing mode. It is suitable for newborns up to 6 months old (25 Ibs weight limit).

The City Select’s main seat is not completely flat even when reclined fully, hence the stroller seat is recommended for babies above 6 months old.

City Select LUX Configurations as a Single Stroller

City Select LUX Single Stroller Configuration

For 1 kiddo in the City Select Lux Single Stroller, you have the option of using the bassinet, infant car seat, or the stroller seat.

The stroller seat can be positioned as forward or rear facing. You also have the flexibility of attaching the stroller seat, pram, and car seat at the lower position at the front wheels, if you have the seat adaptor.

If you’d purchased the City Select Lux as a double stroller, or if you’d purchased the Second Seat Kit, the second seat attachment would have been included. Else, you can also purchase the seat adaptor separately for about $20.

Configurations for City Select LUX Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Double Stroller Configuration

To convert into a double stroller, you’ll need to purchase the Double Seat kit to add the seat to the lower position at the front wheels.

It’s super easy to pop in the second seat adapter and the second seat. No tools are required.

The reverse is true. You can easily remove the second seat and use it as a single stroller if you’re only bringing 1 kid out.

IMPORTANT: The City Select LUX second seat adaptors are different from that of City Select 2016.

As a double stroller you can have the following combinations:

  • a seat and a car seat
  • a seat and a bassinet
  • 2 seats
  • 2 car seats
  • 2 bassinet

Both seats are reversible. You can have these options:

  • both kids facing each other so that they can interact and chat (that is of course, when both of them are in good mood)
  • letting them face opposite directions (when they are cranky)
  • letting both of them face the streets
  • having both of them facing you (especially when they are still very young)

Configurations with City Select LUX Bench Seat

With the new bench seat (sold separately), you’ve got 4 new configuration – the bench seat along with the bassinet, car seat or full size seat (front-facing or back-facing) for your younger child.

Turn the City Select LUX into a triple stroller with the glider board

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Triple Stroller

You can even turn your City Select LUX into a triple stroller by attaching the glider board (purchase separately) for your older toddler to stand.

This is extremely useful if your older toddler gets tired of walking or if you need to breeze through the crowd quickly (e.g. in a shopping mall, without having your toddler get distracted).

Other Features That I Like

  1. Identical 2nd stroller seat

The second seat is IDENTICAL to the main seat – it is full size and fully functional.

Both seats have a weight limit of 45 Ibs each, can recline, can be placed in either the forward facing or parent facing direction, have the same canopy features etc.

This is unlike many convertible stroller where the 2nd seat is essentially a smaller seat that is less functional. This way, you do not have to worry about the kids fighting over the seats and both kids can ride comfortably.

As such, the City Select LUX double stroller works well even for twins.

  1. Multi-position seat recline

Multi-position Seat Recline

Both seats can be reclined to 4 positions (in both forward and rear facing directions) using a one-hand lever recline.

Simply squeeze the recline button located at the top of the seat behind the canopy, and pull the seat up or down to the desired recline.

This is definitely a nice feature as you can recline the seats fully so that your little riders can nap longer if they fell asleep during the rides.

  1. Nice large canopy

The canopy has a 3-part fold and is adjustable for different head heights to accommodate taller kids. The sun shade comes with UV+50 Sun protection and provides adequate coverage on hot sunny days, preventing the Sun from blaring down on the children’s face or hurting their sensitive eyes.

The canopy gives a good opaque sun shade that provides a dark, cool and cozy environment if the little ones need to nap and also to keep them cool (you know how irritable they can get when they are hot). You can even detach it from the backing to bring the canopy forward for extra Sun protection when the angle of the Sun is low.

Similarly, if your little one is feeling too stuffy, the canopy is also easily collapsible to allow the stroller to become very airy and ventilated.

The entire canopy is very easy to remove as well as to attach.

There are 2 height positions on the stroller frame where you can attach the canopy’s brackets, so that you can create that extra 2 inches of head space when your kiddo grows taller.

You don’t have to worry about the canopy slipping (unlike other removable canopies) as the brackets hold onto the frame tightly and Velcro strips are used to fasten the canopy edges to the seat.

  1. Peek-a-boo window with magnetic clasp

Peek-a-boo Window with Magnetic Clasp

I really like the peek-a-boo window on the canopy as it allows you to take a look at what your little one is doing or looking at. What’s even better is that this window uses a magnetic closure.

It works so nicely and silently (unlike the noisy ripping sound of Velcro) that you will not risk waking your sleeping toddler.

There’s also a magnet at the end of the canopy, which helps to hold the cover neatly in place when you have the peek-a-boo window opened.

The peek-a-boo window is now made of a dark mesh material, which provides better ventilation compared to the previous one (which looks like mesh but has a plastic-like UV backing).

  1. Telescoping adjustable handle bar

The handle bar can be adjusted from 38.5” up to 42.5″ above the ground to accommodate moms and dads of different heights.

Simply squeeze the handlebar adjustment button and slide the bar to your desired height.

Telescoping Adjustable Handlebar

No more hunched backs, back pains, compromised or unnatural strides… and of course, no more excuses for not sharing the responsibility of pushing the stroller.

However, moms under 5’4” may find the stroller too high (even at the lowest setting), resulting in back pain.

The LUX handle bar features rubberized rings that has a soft nice texture to it. The grip feels comfortable, which really helps and makes a difference in long rides.

I prefer this compared to foam paddings for most strollers as that is not as long-lasting and may rip apart.

  1. Hand operated decelerating and parking brake

Unlike most strollers, City Select uses a hand brake, which I like…

It’s definitely flip-flop friendly and you don’t have to worry about breaking your toenails. And who says moms can’t go out with their favorite pair of shoes without worrying about picking the shoes best suited to slam the brakes?

For the City Select 2016, the parking brake is located on the side of the handle bar. In the LUX model, the handbrake is moved up from the side to the horizontal handlebar, in order to incorporate the new decelerating brake.

How to Operate City Select LUX Hand Brake

To slow down, simply squeeze the brake lever, just like how you would operate a bicycle brake. This gives you better control over the speed of the stroller, especially when you are going downhill.

To engage the parking brake and lock the wheels, simply swing the same brake lever down until it clicks into place.

To release the brake, slide the black parking lock switch towards you. It is very easy to operate, but it may feel pretty tight at first.

  1. Easy and compact fold

Like all Baby Jogger strollers, City Select LUX is super easy to fold into a pretty flat fold.

When folded, it is also easier to access the cross-bar now.

You might be a little disappointed if you are expecting the same one-step one-hand easy fold mechanism like that of the City Mini. You’ll need to use both hands, but I can assure you that it’s still easy and enjoyable.

  1. Automatic lock

City Select LUX now features an automatic lock, instead of the manual lock in the older models.

City Select LUX Auto Lock

In previous City Select 2016 version, you will need to secure it manually with a latch on the side to hold it in place after folding.

Moreover, the lock is now on the right side of the stroller instead of left, which may feel more convenient for right-handed moms.

  1. Ample storage space – Huge basket and storage pockets

I absolutely love the HUGE basket under the seats in both models. It’s so easily accessible from every angle – the sides, back and even from the front!

You do not have to worry about losing any storage capability no matter which seat configuration you are adopting.

Fitting 2 large diaper bags is not an issue. And it’s great for running errands! You can even go grocery shopping with this huge basket.

Ample Storage Space on the Baby Jogger City Select LUX

The exact design of the baskets in the 2 models, however, are different.

In the LUX stroller, you can easily access the basket from the front or back by pressing down on the elastic sides of the mesh basket. If your kids are not in the seats (when used as a single stroller or even as a double), you can also fold up the seat to have full access to the basket.

Both stroller models feature a large-sized mesh pocket on the lower back of the stroller seat. LUX provides an additional mid-sized zippered storage pocket on the upper back of the seat. These back seat pockets allow you to conveniently and safely keep smaller items like phone, keys, wallet, bottles and wet wipes within easy reach.

  1. Removable and easy to clean fabric

It’d be a futile dream to expect your toddlers to stay mess-free. I’m glad that the fabric can be easily removed and machine-washed (with cold water and mild detergent).

However, do not use a dryer as the fabric will shrink. Simply let it air dry.

  1. Roomy seat and adjustable footrest

The seat is very spacious and should be able to accommodate kids up to a height of 40″.

Each seat has a weight limit of 45 Ibs, but you will probably not hit the weight limit as your average 5 year old would have long figured that they are too cool for strollers.

I like that the footrest provides calf support. You cannot adjust the length of the footrest (i.e. the base of the footrest cannot be adjusted up or down).

However, the angle of the footrest is adjustable for greater comfort of the little riders. Press on the black buttons on both sides of the footwell to adjust the angle until it clicks into place at 4 positions.

In case you’re worried that your tall toddler is unable to fit into the City Select, here’s a quick look at the seat specifications (there’s no change in the size of LUX’s seat size):

  • Seat width: 11.5”
  • Seat back height: 18”
  • Head height (seat back to top of canopy): 21” up to 24” by adjusting the canopy
  • Seat to knee: 9”
  • Knee to footplate: 9”
  • Width at knee: 12”
  • Weight limit: 45 Ibs per seat
  1. Wheels and maneuverability

The wheels of the City Select 2016 and LUX are about the same size. Both are 4 wheel models comprising of 2 lightweight 8” front wheels and 2 bigger 12” rear wheels.

The LUX stroller is upgraded to an all-wheel suspension system, and now features full rubber wheels so you do not have to worry about punctures. The wheels also look slimmer and sleeker.

The City Select 2016 features only front-wheel suspension, while the rear wheels are foam-filled “forever-air” tires (which is great too as they absorb energy better, hence providing better suspension).

The front wheels can swivel for increased maneuverability but can also be locked straight to charge though rougher terrains. The stroller pushes well and can handle city streets, short grass, gravel path and even sidewalk cracks.

However, the push may not be so smooth and not so easy to maneuver over longer grasses, rough park trails, sand or hilly terrains.

  1. Stability

Even though the City Select double stroller feels long in the front, this stroller is very stable and will not tip over.

  1. Easy to use 2nd seat adapters

The 2nd seat attachment in the City Select Lux is given an update.

In the City Select 2016, you’ll need to make use of the adapter covers to cover the 2 mounting bracket slots (aka holes) in the stroller frame when the second seat is not mounted.

The Lux stroller now features built-in plastic covers, which is automatically covered when not in use and will swing open when you push in the 2nd seat adaptors. The adapter is also redesigned, making it easier and smoother to get the adapters in and out.

I like this upgrade as it gives the stroller a sleeker look, and there’s less hassle in dealing with the adaptor covers.

How to Open and Fold the City Select LUX?

The fold is now easier and more compact compared to the previous City Select.

You can fold the Lux stroller with or without the seat, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, you can now fold the seat in both directions. Previously in the City Select 2016, you can only fold the stroller when the seat is in the forward-facing direction.

To fold the Lux when used as a single stroller, first fold up the seat inwards into half. Then, use both hands to lift up the lever handle (where it is marked ‘fold’) on both sides of the stroller and it will automatically collapse and fold flat. The newly featured automatic lock will hold it in place.

To fold the City Select Lux double stroller, you will need to take an extra step of removing the second seat (in front) first so that you can fold up the main stroller seat. You can then re-attach the 2nd seat back, fold up the 2nd seat, and follow the same fold mechanism.

I like it that you can easily fold with both seats on, so you won’t have the hassle of removing/storing the second seat nor worry about misplacing the seat attachment. Of course, if you remove the second seat and adapter before folding, you make it more compact.

I love the fact that they’ve re-designed the seats such that they fold inwards in half, hence protecting the inside of the seat from dirt, dust, and damage compared to the 2016 model which exposes the full seat at the top when the stroller is folded.

The folding of the seats also helps to give a 30% more compact fold.

IMPORTANT: Some customers have complained that they faced problems folding the stroller. It is important to note that you should be standing in front of the stroller when lifting the two handles to collapse the stroller. You will get stuck if you’re trying to do so from the sides or back.

TIP: With the seat on, the folded dimensions are 21.5” x 30.5” x 10” (W x L x H). The fold is flat but still takes up considerable space lengthwise. It should still fit in most trunks, but it will be taking up most of the space. To make it more compact, you can remove the seat before folding the stroller. Pulling off the wheels also helps to make it more compact for storage.

Unfolding the stroller is even simpler, and only takes seconds. To open the stroller unit, you simply lift the latch on the side of the stroller to undo the lock and pull on the handlebar to watch it open up automatically.

Here’s a demo of how easy it is to fold:

I think that the folding and unfolding mechanism is really sleek and works great for urban moms. It’s easy getting on and off the taxis.

However, the folded stroller does not stand on its own so you’ll end up having to hold it with one hand or to lay it flat on the ground.

How to Attach the 2nd Seat for the City Select LUX?

Insert the second seat adapter into the mounting slot on both sides of the stroller.

Align the mounting brackets of the second seat with the top of the seat attachment and insert the seat into the attachment brackets until it clicks into place.

The second seat can be attached in the forward-facing or parent-facing modes.

TIP: You can rotate the footwells of the toddler seats to ensure that your kids are not kicking into each other.

Here’s a demo of how easy it is to fold:

Any Complaints About The City Select LUX?

The City Select LUX convertible stroller is a little heavier compared to the 2016 model – 30.4 Ibs vs 28 Ibs with a single seat, which isn’t exactly a deal breaker.

As a convertible stroller, Lux has to weigh more as the frame has to ultimately hold two to three kids and also to ensure greater stability. Hence, it is definitely not a lightweight stroller that a petite mom can expect to easily throw into the trunk single-handedly.

Baby jogger has upgraded many features and addressed many of the drawbacks or complaints that we had for City Select 2016, such as changing the manual lock and added more storage spaces in the form of the LUX Shopping Tote (but that comes with extra cost…).

One complaint that we have about the 2016 model remains – LUX still does not self-stand after folding so you either have to hold it with a hand or lay it totally flat.

Lux’s 5-point harness is still nicely padded, but the buckle now features a puzzle piece design, which makes it much more difficult to quickly strap a wriggling baby or toddler in, especially when they’re having an uncooperative day.

The harness system now threads through the back of the seat instead of clipping onto the front of the seat, which makes it more difficult to adjust the height of the harness (but you won’t be doing this very often).

One other possible complaint or area of improvement is the handbrake. How you feel towards the new handbrake is really dependent on your own preference and can really vary. Some moms love it. Some moms may not have any issue or they may have gotten used to it fairly quickly. However, there are also moms who may find the position of the handbrake somewhat awkward.

For example, they may find it difficult to wrap their palm around the decelerating brake while pushing the stroller. But if they wrap their palm around the handlebar, they may find the parking brake obstructing. I’m just wondering… if the shape of the decelerating brake is reversed, perhaps it would be more comfortable?

I also wished that there were more accessories included free. Who doesn’t, right?

What Baby Jogger City Select Accessories Can I Get?

There is a whole range of accessories that you can choose from as add ons to the basic City Select Lux stroller to customize it according to your needs. And I’m really excited about the new updated accessories which are pretty cool.

baby jogger city select accessories

Accessories that are unique to LUX:

  • City Select LUX Shopping Tote on StrollerBaby Jogger City Select Lux Shopping Tote – This new accessory is highly rated and has won the hearts of many moms. The tote bag has built-in connectors so that it can be easily attached onto the stroller using the 2nd seat adaptor in either the front or back positions when used as a single stroller. When used as a double stroller, the Lux tote bag can be attached to the bottom bar of the stroller at the back. The Lux tote also comes with a sling so you can easily take it off the stroller, carry it around, load it up and attach it back again. It’s really great for shopping or running errands as it can hold up to 10 Ibs of groceries, and toys!
  • City Select Lux Child Tray – I like that the stroller can be folded with the tray attached, and the tray can be easily opened from either sides. Unfortunately, the size of the child tray is smaller than the previous version.
  • City Select LUX Cupholder – The cup holder for Lux is re-designed and is not compatible with the City Select 2016 stroller. Made of leatherette fabric, the Lux cup holder is easy to clean and features an expandable elastic design so that it can hold snugly different sized cups and bottles up to 2Ibs. Instead of attaching onto the handlebar at the top, the cup holder is now attached on the sides of the Lux stroller frame.
  • City Select Lux Belly Bar
  • Baby Jogger City Select Lux Jump Seat
  • City Select Lux Second Seat Kit – As the stroller seats and adaptors are different in the Lux and City Select 2016, the double seat kits are different. You can purchase the City Select Lux as a double stroller or you can choose to purchase it as a single stroller first and buy the double seat kit at a later stage when you need. Each kit comes with a pair of seat attachment and the stroller seat.
  • City Select LUX Pram Kit

Accessories that are can be used on both City Select Lux and 2016 model:

  • Parent console – This console attaches to the handlebar and features an insulated cup holder, a big covered storage pouch with inside pockets and an open pouch that can also double up as a second cup holder.
  • Glider board (weight limit 45 Ibs) – This can be attached to the rear axle and features a non-slip surface so that your older child can stand on it to hitch a ride. The board can be flipped out of the way when not in use.
  • Bug Canopy

Head To To Check Out All The Available Accessories

What Are The Colors Available?

Baby Jogger City Select LUX comes in 6 different fabric colors – Slate, Ash, Granite, Taupe, Indigo and Port.

Even though there are less choices compared to City Select 2016’s 9 color options, these new set of colors have a more natural, soft and premium look.

The LUX stroller frame is only available in black, whereas the 2016 model comes in both black and silver frame.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Available in 6 Colors

Important Specifications

For those who like facts and figures, here are the main specifications of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX:

Weight (as a Single Stroller): 30.4 lbs
Weight (as a Double Stroller): 34 lbs
Length (as a Single Stroller): 43.5”
Length (as a Double Stroller): 53”
Folded Dimensions: 30”L x 26”W x 12.5”H
Handle Height: 38.5”- 42.5”
Rear Wheels: 12”
Front Wheels: 8”
Seat Width: 12”
Seat Height (to Canopy): 22 – 24”

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Vs UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

Both are very popular and great convertible double strollers. You can’t be too wrong with either choice. To help you choose between the two, here are some of their key differences.

The City Select LUX has the upper hand in terms of compact fold. On the other hand, UPPAbaby Vista is able to stand on its own when folded.

Baby Jogger makes use of a hand brake, which I much prefer over UPPAbaby’s footbrake. Moreover, LUX now features a decelerating hand brake, which is helpful in giving you more control over the speed when going downhill.

Baby Jogger City Select’s 2nd seat is identical to the main stroller seat, whereas the 2nd seat (rumble seat) is smaller for UPPAbaby. Of course, City Select LUX now offers the rear-facing bench seat.

UPPAbaby Vista converts into a double stroller by attaching the seat adaptors at the back (higher position), while the City Select attaches the 2nd seat at the lower position (at the front wheels). As a result, the UPPAbaby Vista’s seat is higher while the City Select LUX is longer than UPPAbaby Vista by about 4 inches.

The GOOD part about Baby Jogger’s design is that it makes the stroller much more spacious for your children as there’s more room between the seats. You can have the 2 kids seated facing each other. Taller parents with a longer stride will also be able to walk more naturally without kicking the back of the second/lower seat.

However, the Lux stroller becomes longer and heavier at the front. Because of such weight distribution, it can be harder to steer and maneuver, especially if you’re on a hilly terrain and if you need to mount the stroller up onto the curbs a lot. It is less of an issue if you stay in a relatively flat area or places where gentle handicap ramps are available.

This can also be partially mitigated by having the heavier child sit in the back. The turning radius is also bigger so it may be more difficult to navigate in crowded tight spaces.

Is A Convertible Stroller RIGHT For You?

Baby Jogger City Select Triple Stroller with Glider BoardIf you’re new to strollers, a convertible stroller is one that can function as a single stroller with one child, can be transformed into a double stroller by adding a seat for your 2nd child, and can be converted back to a single stroller when your older toddler has grown too cool for the stroller.

In the case of Baby Jogger City Select LUX and the 2016 model, it can even accommodate a 3rd child! Throw in a glider board and your older kid can hitch a ride.

Flexibility and adaptability is core to a convertible stroller.

Convertible Stroller vs Side-by-Side Double Stroller

City Select is a convertible inline stroller. Personally, I prefer such convertible double stroller to the side-by-side double strollers. The side-by-side stroller works well if you have a pair of twins.

However, if you have 2 kids of different ages, there will be a time when you only have a child sitting in a double stroller (sounds silly?) or you’d have to get a new single stroller.

Convertible double strollers are great because they offer a lot of flexibility over the long run as you can use them with 1 or 2 kids.

Moreover, side-by-side double strollers are very wide and can be very challenging to go through doorways, store aisles and narrow busy streets. It can be very difficult to fit them into a small trunk.

Inline (front-to-back) strollers, on the other hand, can fit through smaller and narrow spaces more easily. However, the downside is that it may be harder to maneuver and steer inline strollers due to the weight distribution (as the distance between the handlebar to the front wheels is much longer).

Convertible Double Stroller vs Sit-and-Stand Stroller

A double stroller works great if you have a pair of twins, or if the 2 little ones are within 2 years apart.

On the other hand, a sit-and-stand stroller may be preferred if you have a toddler and baby who are more than 3 years apart.

When your older child grows into toddlerhood, they might not like to be confined in the stroller seat. Moreover, toddlers are fickle minded. One moment, they may enjoy the autonomy of walking along with you. Next moment, they may fight to sit in the stroller, just like a ‘baby’.

Hence a sit-and-stand stroller gives the toddler the flexibility and ease to stand on the rear glider board, or sit on the rear bench (which is less restrictive). The new bench seat accessory introduced in the Baby Jogger LUX takes into account of this, so that the City Select Double Stroller can meet your needs no matter what the age gap between your kids is.

Convertible Stroller vs A Standard Single Stroller

The downside of a convertible stroller is that it is larger and weighs MORE compared to a standard single stroller. This is necessary as the chassis will need to be able to hold 90-100 Ibs when you have 2 children on board.

It certainly does make a difference when you are using the stroller in the single mode. As a single stroller, the City Select by Baby Jogger weighs 30.4 Ibs compared to just 17 Ibs for a pure single such as the Baby Jogger City Mini.

The City Select works great as a single stroller. However, I just want to make it clear that if you are a new mom and not planning on having a 2nd child in the next 1-2 years, you’ll be pushing around an unnecessarily heavy single stroller. Trust me, 11 Ibs is not light.

On the other hand, if you’re having your 2nd child while your first one is still at a stroller appropriate age or you’re having your first child and planning to grow your family in the next 1-2 years, then a convertible stroller is a great choice due to its flexibility and longevity.

Convertible strollers are not cheap, but will be economical over the long term.

My Verdict

If you have decided that a convertible stroller is the right one for you, I would highly recommend you to go for the Baby Jogger City Select LUX.

Overall, this a very beautiful, well-made, highly versatile and super functional stroller. It has a luxurious feel and look. The materials, parts and connections are durable, sturdy and heavy duty.

I love the FLEXIBILITY and STABILITY of the stroller – the compatibility with infant car seats to transform into a travel system or with a bassinet to turn into a pram, the variety of seating arrangements, recline and reverse features.

As the second seat is added to the front wheels, it may feel more difficult to steer with a single hand. So try to put the heavier kid at the back. If you’re staying in a hilly terrain, the City Select convertible stroller may not be the right one for you, but otherwise I think the stroller will meet your needs.

However, it is also because of this longer design that the stroller is much more spacious and comfortable for the kids, and both kids are able to recline and nap at the same time. Taller parents will also get to enjoy longer and more natural stride without kicking the rear.

Convertible strollers are not the cheapest strollers on the market, but you can be assured that you’ll be using the Baby Jogger City Select LUX for a long long time, especially with the new bench seat!

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