Hi parents!

Welcome to Who Loves Babies!

Babies are adorable, curious, and extremely lovable. Who doesn’t love babies, right?

Fun things aside, taking care of a baby isn’t a simple task, and schools definitely didn’t prepare us for a lesson in parenting… Most of the knowledge about taking care of the little one came from our parents, friends, the internet, and of course through trial and error on our part.

From brainstorming about baby names, selecting the infant car seat, getting a crib, getting countless opinions on milk formulations, researching on child nutrition, baby proofing your home, potty training, and countless more, being a parent is hands down the most challenging job in the world!

That’s why, as a mom, I’ve created Who Loves Babies to document what I think will help other parents cope with their new ‘job’. Of course, we are still learning ourselves, and we hope you don’t take it personally if our opinions do not align with yours.

Hope you’ll enjoy what we put out here and feel free to connect with us:)

Happy parenting!